Prayer Request

A reader who wrote a few days ago about a young woman in a crisis pregnancy writes: Thought I’d let you know where things stand regarding my prayer request. After an ultrasound, the mother decided to keep the baby.  Praise God!!  Now the two of them are figuring out where they’re headed in terms of [Read More...]

Shea Radiorama Today!

First, “Connecting the Dots” is coming up at 5 PM Eastern on Real Life Radio! Today, I’ll be on the air for an hour with my Wednesday co-host, Dale Ahlquist, Poobah in Chief of the American Chesterton Society! You can listen in on line here. Call in and chat! The number is 855-949-1380. Be there!  Aloha! Also, my [Read More...]

Good Morning! It’s Day 3 of the Tin Cup Rattle

In the past couple days, you got to discuss stuff you can’t hardly discuss anywhere else, cuz there aren’t too many blogs with this mix of Catholic theology and daffy pop culture cogitations. Tomorrow, who knows? I might find just about anything, or blather about anything else, as well as peruse other fun stuff that [Read More...]

Getting to the Heart of Francis

Austin Ivereigh takes a look at what makes Francis tick over at OSV. Russell Shaw adds his perspective too. [Read more...]

Patrick Coffin and Fr. Leo Patalinghug are going to Spain

and you can join them if you click on the image below: [Read more...]

Altaration: The Mystery of the Mass Revealed

Check it out! The series is geared towards awakening teens to the transforming experience of the Mass. It provides a satisfying answer to to the question, “How can the Church engage teens in the beauty and depth of the Mass with competition like social media and smartphones?” It’s really unlike anything ever done before. It’s [Read More...]

Prayer requests

A reader writes: I would like to ask your prayers for an elderly priest I know who was taken to the emergency room last night. I don’t know anything beyond that at this point, but please pray for a quick recovery from whatever ails him. Father, hear our prayer for his complete healing in body, soul, [Read More...]

Eye of the Tiber Kills Me

US Bishops Petition Holy See to Mandate Hand Squeeze Following Doxology I’m just praying they will really step up and mandate audible breast-beating during the Penitential Rite. [Read more...]

It’s Day 2 of the CAEI Tin Cup Rattle

This is one of the moments where I ask for some small support for my efforts to provide you with the sort of Catholic content, newsiness, fun, and so forth that is this blog. We Sheas live in narrow financial straits. For those who have joined the blog since last quarter, I am a writer [Read More...]

Why Do I Love Peter Kreeft?

Well, in addition to his quirky sense of humor, Thomist common sense, way with words, giant purple hippo anecdotes, gracious help to me and Sherry Weddell as we were finding our way into the Church, and willingness to let me give him bunny ears …Dr. Kreeft is the only philosopher  I know who has written a [Read More...]