As a matter of fact, I’m *not* sorry!

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C.S. Lewis on Mere Liberty and the Evils of Statism

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Question about Limbo

A reader writes: I have a question about what happens to babies who die without baptism. I was always taught that limbo was a theological speculation, but never an official doctrine, and that God could give them the grace of baptism if he wanted. Basically, since God hasn’t revealed what happens, we should just trust [Read More...]

Trent Beattie, a Seattle local, points out that Seahawk Luke Wilson

…in addition to being a Cleat of Justice who will tread down the New England Cheaters like grass, drive them before us, hear the lamentation of their women, and dragoon their children into serving as janissaries to give our dirty feet tonguebaths as we sip Starbuck lattes lightly seasoned with the futile blood, sweat, and tears of [Read More...]

“Connecting the Dots” is coming up at 5 PM Eastern…

on Real Life Radio! Today, I’ll be on the air for an hour with my Friday co-host, Steven Greydanus, well-known Catholic film critic, National Catholic Register writer, deacon in training, and all-around swell guy. We’ll be talking film and pop culture stuff and are liable at any moment to peal forth in praise of The Emperor’s [Read More...]

“The Principle” Gets a Tepid Review in Variety

Outside the hothouse of St. Blog’s, the normal world looks at a boutique film about quack science made by a super-fringe Catholic apologist, shrugs, says “Weird”, and gets on with its day.  True believers (led by producer Rick DeLano himself) show up in the combox to shriek stuff about the Liberal Conspiracy and pose for their pictures [Read More...]

Faith on the Ferry!

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Can human cloning really be wrong…

…when nice stormtroopers do such thoughtful things as give a little boy a 3-D printed arm? [Read more...]

“Connecting the Dots” is coming up at 5 PM Eastern

on Real Life Radio! Today, I’ll be on the air for an hour with Jason Stellman, Drunk Ex-Pastor. You can listen in on line here. And if want to call in and talk, the number is 855-949-1380. Be there!  Aloha! [Read more...]

Prayer Requests and Works of Mercy

A reader writes: OUR MOMS NEED PRE-NATAL VITAMINS IN THE MISSION DO A PRENATAL VITAMIN DRIVE AT YOUR CHURCH. ONLY ONE WEEKEND ONE CHURCH NEEDED. There are serious nutritional issues in the mission for nursing moms and the St. Francis Emmaus Pregnancy Hostel is a good distribution point for vitamins. I am seeing to many [Read More...]