Walk Off the Earth Makes Everything More Fun

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The New Atheists are Back…

…Dumber Than Ever as Daniel Dennett looks at a Pew poll and sees, despite all the blandishments of reality, exactly what he wants to see, the imminent death of religion.  Damon Linker does the autopsy on Dennett’s perverse and wilful misreading of the data: The biggest problem of all with Dennett’s op-ed is the fact [Read More...]

Golly. Somebody lied and went “undercover” to a bunch of Crisis Pregnancy Centers

…to “expose” them on behalf of the pro-aborts. Who could possibly have predicted that? She says she was doing it for the Greater Good. I could swear I’ve heard that before. Sure, but everybody knows she lied so she obviously can’t be trusted, right? Yeah. How about that? Liars can’t be trusted. Or so it [Read More...]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: Found out today a friend of mine’s daughter was also in a car accident on Sunday in Rochester NH. She was with her cousin and her cousin’s 8 year old daughter. The 8 year old did not make it. They too were hit by a drunk driver. My friends daughter is ok, [Read More...]

The Future Isn’t What it Used to Be

In which we look at how our forecasts of the future (an obsession that really took off with the birth of science fiction, though was always a subtext of human storytelling) show us what each age is focused on. Over at the Register. [Read more...]

Pete Vere on America’s Kitchen Calvinism

He writes over on his FB page concern the latest GOP move in Wisconsin to humiliate the poor: There are four sins that cry out to God for vengeance: 1) Shedding of innocent blood; 2) Sodomy; 3) Denying the worker his just wage; and 4) ignoring the cry of the widow and the orphan. The [Read More...]

More May Music from the Franciscan Sisters of Charity

They write: This is a voice from the past with a message worth contemplating. Franciscan Sisters feature Bob Dylan’s I’ll Keep It With Mine as a May discernment song on Franciscanized World. The lyrics console the searcher—“how long can you search for what’s not lost?” There aren’t many places where you can get your May [Read More...]

How Everybody Will Misread the Encyclical on the Environment

…and how it should be read: Yesterday I heard a story on NPR about the Pope’s forthcoming encyclical on the environment. While the “conservative” who was interviewed spoke all about “prudential” decisions and the non-expertise of the Church on this issue, the “liberal” insisted that our individual decisions are ultimately social, and have impact far [Read More...]

Patrick Deneen on the Power Elite

Yup: Today’s corporate ideology has a strong affinity with the lifestyles of those who are defined by mobility, ethical flexibility, liberalism (whether economic or social), a consumerist mentality in which choice is paramount, and a “progressive” outlook in which rapid change and “creative destruction” are the only certainties. The response to Indiana’s RFRA law shows [Read More...]