Prayer Requests and a Work of Mercy

A reader writes: Please pray for my friend’s dad. He was taken to the hospital a few weeks ago with pneumonia, while there the doctors discovered stomach cancer. He is probably going to die within the next few days. He is a lapsed Catholic. Father, hear our prayer for this man’s complete healing in body, [Read More...]

The Glory and Peril of Music

…is under discussion over at the Register. [Read more...]


Because some Christians have waaaaaay too much time on their hands. [Read more...]

Lizzie Scalia on Pope Francis

Chemist.  Yep.  The man is not afraid to make a mess.  One of the many reasons I love the guy. [Read more...]

Some Things to Bear in Mind

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Steve Greydanus and I had a great chat

on “Catholic and Enjoying It Live” the other day. All about the movies, art, and faith. You can listen to it here. I’ll be interviewing Tom McDonald, World’s Tallest Gamer/Tarot Expert/Patheos blogger this Wednesday at 6:00 PM Eastern. You can listen in live here and, if you likem call in with question/comments at 1-866-333-6279. See [Read More...]

Caesar to Church: Knuckle Under to Abortion and Gay “Marriage” or Else

Combine this with the story out of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho where Christian churches — not merely the for-profit marriage chapel that was initially warned — are being told that they*must* perform same-sex wedding ceremonies or face stiff civil penalties, and it seems the Left is taking off the gloves much sooner than most expected. California Orders [Read More...]

Bravo, Officer! Bravo!

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It is incredible–and embarrassing–that Catholics are wasting their time promoting geocentrism

The latest spectacle demonstration of the conservative cafeteria’s spectacular charism of imprudential judgment and visible-from-space Wrongness is on parade as poor Jimmy Akin is forced to watch The Principle so we don’t have to. He discusses it here and here. I’m told he will have a third installment soon. Meanwhile, Dave Palm over at Geocentrism [Read More...]

“Convinced” Indiegogo Drive is Ending this Weekend

Here’s the trailer: If you want to help bring this film to the public eye and help do a work of evangelization, go here! In case you are wondering: No, I don’t make a nickel off this. Just happy to help in a worthwhile project. [Read more...]