Scenes of Domestic Bliss

Had muffins for dinner the other night. Somebody asked what kind they were. Jan replied, “Banana nut” and I was irresistibly compelled to add, “DOO DOO DIH DO DO!” Peter then said, “Banana nut?” And I replied “DOO DOO DIH DO!” Luke answered, “Banana nut.” And I erupted with: “DOO DOO DIH DO DO, DIH [Read More...]

You stay classy, Pewsitter

Latest headline for the news aggregator for Taliban¬†Catholics: “Sainthood cause of ‘martyred’ Oscar Romero technically reached the final stage” Yeah, he wasn’t *really* martyred. ¬†Cuz he was in a Central American country defending the poor from a regime in bed with Murka, so that makes him a damn librul (as members of Opus Dei so [Read More...]

Prayer Requests

A reader writes: Can you please ask your readers to pray for a friend’s mother who is going in for surgery this morning (she may even be in as I write this) in an attempt to remove cancer from her lungs. They are all faithful, so far as I know. This is her third bout [Read More...]

Orthodox Weirdness and the Uniqueness of Different Forms of Goodness and Corruption

Orthodox Radical Ponders Putin’s Divinity One of the things I’ve noticed about religious traditions is that, just as the tend to produce their own unique sort of saints also, when they go bad, give off their own unique smell. Protestant saints don’t look or sound like Catholic saints who don’t look or sound like Orthodox [Read More...]

Francis wants to avoid war

Pope Francis says war is senseless slaughter, can always be avoided The pope’s message was presented Sept. 7 to people taking part in the International Meeting of People and Religions, organized by the Rome-based lay Community of Sant’Egidio and hosted by the Diocese of Antwerp, Belgium. So much for “Pope calls for US to Launch [Read More...]

Same Samefulness is Much of a Muchness

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This killed me

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Deep Thought

Build a man a fire and you warm him for an hour. Set that man on fire and you warm him for the rest of his life. [Read more...]

If Star Wars Had Been Made in France

Attention, People of Earth! Surrender now or I will post more of this kind of thing: [Read more...]

Happy New Year Again!

Yr. Obdt. Svt. on Calendrical Curiosities. [Read more...]

Prayer Requests and Praise Report

A reader writes: Here’s an update on the brain-injured baby we prayed for the other day. Father, continue to hear and answer our prayer through your Son Jesus Christ. Another reader writes: My husband lost his job on Good Friday of this year. He recently heard back on two applications – he was turned down [Read More...]

I watch…

…like nobody’s dancing. [Read more...]