Dear Non-Catholic Readers

Please do consider my invitation to the Triduum. Here’s a handy little illustration of what is going on in the world of ancient Christian Churches over the next few days: I’m gonna knock off for the Triduum and will see you all on Easter Monday!  Please pray for me!   [Read more…]

Crucified man had prior run-in with authorities

How corporate media would have covered another brutal miscarriage of justice: “Born (possibly out of wedlock?) in a stable, this jobless thirty-something of Middle Eastern origin had had previous run-ins with local authorities for disturbing the peace, and had become increasingly associated with the members of a fringe religious group. He spent the majority of [Read More…]

On the air with Rod Bennett at 5 PM Eastern

…on Connecting the Dots. We’ll be talking about Judas and getting ready for the Triduum. [Read more…]

Bishop Barron on the stubbornly historical nature…

…of the Christian faith: Christianity is not fideist, that is to say, reliant upon a pure and uncritical act of faith on the part of its adherents. Rather, it happily embraces reason and welcomes critical questions. Secondly, and relatedly, Christianity is a stubbornly historical religion. It is not a philosophy (though it can employ philosophical [Read More…]

Just a reminder to those who think violence substitute for obeying Jesus

Increasingly, I think fear and a kind of sloth are at the bottom of our lazy militarism. “Look!  I lobbed some bombs!  What more can I possibly do?” Well, you could open your hearts to refugees and let them come here. “Absolutely not!  Filthy terrorist kids!  Sean Spicer says five year old Iranian kids want [Read More…]

Yesterday, Tony Vasinda and I…

talked Catholic Beard Balm and Youth Ministry: [Read more…]

Spy Wednesday

…is the day for recalling the betrayal by Judas Iscariot, who went to the chief priest to cut a deal for 30 pieces of silver. Like sin so often does, the 30 pieces was the all-consuming passion for about 15 minutes.  It seemed like the most important thing in the world to Judas. People often [Read More…]

Eye of the Tiber, Ladies and Gentlemen

Ushers Forcibly Remove Communicant After Palm Sunday Mass Runs Out of Communion Hosts [Read more…]

On the Air today with Tony Vasinda and Michael Lichens at 5 PM Eastern

Tony Vasinda is founder of Catholic Beard Balm, a magical substance that transformed me from a wormy, chopfallen cipher to a titan of raw Olympic manliness and virility. He uses his powers for good and not for evil by donating the proceeds to fund Catholic Youth Ministry. Plus, he introduced my family to We Didn’t [Read More…]

We can help African Christians have enough to eat…

…for Easter. I know these people. They are the Real Deal. [Read more…]