Deep Thought

Build a man a fire and you warm him for an hour. Set that man on fire and you warm him for the rest of his life. [Read more...]

If Star Wars Had Been Made in France

Attention, People of Earth! Surrender now or I will post more of this kind of thing: [Read more...]

Happy New Year Again!

Yr. Obdt. Svt. on Calendrical Curiosities. [Read more...]

Prayer Requests and Praise Report

A reader writes: Here’s an update on the brain-injured baby we prayed for the other day. Father, continue to hear and answer our prayer through your Son Jesus Christ. Another reader writes: My husband lost his job on Good Friday of this year. He recently heard back on two applications – he was turned down [Read More...]

I watch…

…like nobody’s dancing. [Read more...]

Another One Bites the Dust

Cincinnati Abortion Clinic closes for good. [Read more...]

Michael Lichens on Depression

It does not discriminate. My own experience of depression is that it is a kind of frozen anger, turned inward at myself.  Anger (the emotion, not the vice) is, like all feelings, morally neutral in itself.  It’s like weather, except with chemicals instead of air.  Feelings do what they do and the emotion of anger [Read More...]

Wondering what to get for Christmas for the Ph.D. in French Existentialism in *Your* Life?

Wonder no more! [Read more...]

Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom: Standing Tall to Make Sure Children are Demonized

If our Founding Fathers didn’t fight for the right to wave guns at terrified children, have hysterics about them being disease-bearing terrorists, and scream for them to be remanded to rape, sex slavery and death how can we even call ourselves a free people anymore? [Read more...]

Converting WMA to MP3

Anybody know any freeware for that?  Something that will make my music (recorded on Windows Media Player) visible to the music software in Windows 8?  And without a lot of crappy malware and other programs attached? Please let me know in the combox.  Thanks! [Read more...]

Secularity Often Reproduces Old Theological Quarrels in a Different Key

The Spirit-led believer with the Precious Revelation of the Divinely inspired Word of the Anti-Vax website is sufficient unto himself to Know the Truth, and the Truth Shall Make Him Free. The human wisdom of people who have studied man-made “sciences” like “epidemiology”, “pediatrics” and “obstetrics” and “medicine” is the dry and lifeless wisdom of [Read More...]

Is Sacramental Grace Magic?

Find out from Yr. Obdt. Svt. over at the Register. [Read more...]