I hate being right all the time

Pope Francis just upped the ante on the “debate” (so-called) over the death penalty. I use scare quotes and say “so-called” because in reality the “debate” consists of three popes, all the bishops of the world, and the rest of the civilized world vs. Communist China, North Korea, a smattering of backward Islamic Bronze Age [Read More…]

Everything the Postmodern Right used to oppose it now embodies

Death panels, for instance. A White House death panel just declared that I do not deserve health insurance because I am a diabetic. And the best part is that I know for certain that Good Catholic and Evangelical court prophets will instantly step up to reassert the Bronze Age belief that illness is God’s punishment [Read More…]

On the bright side, we live in a Golden Age for comedy

Since Christian Trump supporters are too busy disgracing themselves with lying defenses of the indefensible, God has given the task of telling the truth to clowns: [Read more…]

Trump’s Chief Achievement for His Christian Base

…has been to turn them into liars more passionate and skilled in lying than he is. Case in point, I can’t tell you how many times, in the past day, I have heard Christian Trump supporters do exactly what David French, of the leftist socialist Communist National Review, describes: But — and this is vitally [Read More…]

Libertarianism is incompatible with the Faith

“Libertarianism” (we are told) “opposes plunder and violence.” No. Libertarianism opposes any exercise of state power. That’s what it’s about. It is, like all heretical impulses, the exaltation of a couple of Catholic ideas (the dignity of personal responsibility, the goodness of property, and the hostility to state exercises of lawless tyranny) swollen to madness [Read More…]

Let all the earth rejoice!

[Read more…]

Why do we pay people?

JPII writes: …[Christ] who, while being God, became like us in all things devoted most of the years of his life on earth to manual work at the carpenter’s bench. This circumstance constitutes in itself the most eloquent “Gospel of work”, showing that the basis for determining the value of human work is not primarily [Read More…]

If you want to cut benefits to a disabled child…

…stop–just stop–calling yourself “prolife”. It turns the stomach. Being prolife means defending the sanctity and dignity of human life from conception to natural death, not from conception to birth. Still less does it mean using the unborn as human shields while you support inhuman cruelty directed at the least of these once they have been [Read More…]

Donald Milhous Trump just fired Comey

#TuesdayNightMassacre Impeach this lying crook now. This indefensible act will, of course, be what “prolife” Christian Trump supporters waste the rest of the month defending instead of the unborn or the gospel. [Read more…]

The god who wants an eye for an eye doesn’t exist

The God who conceded to our weakness and *permitted* an eye for an eye (as he also permitted divorce in the Old Testament) does. Part III of my discussion of the Death Penalty is here. Bottom line, the death penalty is, even in the Old Testament, a concession, not an ideal. [Read more…]