So I’m re-reading Mike Flynn’s Spiral Arm series

Starting with The January Dancer.  The whole series is just such a fun read, all set in a remote future of bards, spies, dashing heroes and cunning rebels where humanity has been thoroughly stirred with a stick (the names of the characters alone are wonderful hodgepodge of ethnicities that no longer mean anything like what [Read More…]

Reader Robert Stove is in fine fettle

And sends his reworking of a classic along: TO TRUMP’S “CATHOLIC” FANBOYS (with apologies to Sir Arthur Sullivan’s Onward, Christian Soldiers) By R. J. STOVE Onward, chic apostates! Vote for endless war With The Donald’s hairpiece Marching on before, Backed by every playboy, Every Murdoch stooge! We don’t know his policies, But we know they’re [Read More…]

Yesterday I gabbed with Rod Bennett…

…about a cool new project he is working on with Scott Hahn: [Read more…]

Yesterday I interviewed JonMarc and Teresa Grodi…

of the Coming Home Network International.  In addition to their great work, we also flew our nerd flags and talked about C.S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy. [Read more…]

Hey! Western Washington!

I’ll be speaking tonight at St. Monica Parish on Mercer Island at 7 PM about the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy.  See you there! [Read more…]

On the air with Rod Bennett at 5PM Eastern

…on Connecting the Dots.  Give us a call at 1-573-4BREAD4. [Read more…]

No Room for Dissent on Abortion in Today’s Feminism

True. Though it’s at least a hopeful sign of some cracks in the armor that the NY Times publishes rather than spikes a story like this. This is the second time in just a couple of weeks that the Times has published counter-regime opinions to the effect that leftist commitment to crushing all dissent on [Read More…]

Everything wrong with Libertarian Brutalism

At the end of the day, what Libertarian brutalism means is a) my stuff matters more than your life, even when I don’t need it and b) my *feeling* of stooping down and being generous for putting five bucks in a GoFundMe (if the mood takes me) is more important than having five bucks taken [Read More…]

Fantastic News!

Steve Bannon has been removed from the National Security Council. Alt Right Nazis in bowties are having a sad today. He is, unfortunately, still welcome to attend meetings where his crackpot “expertise” is “needed”. [Read more…]

Some happy news from my state of Washington

A new program is getting prisoners here to work saving our bee population. [Read more…]