Jimmy Kimmel offers “apology” for cruelly defending sick children against poor defenseless GOP

It is one of the strange poetries of our time that, as we are ruled by clowns, so clowns are the prophets who speak the truth. [Read more…]

Vatican scientist to believing scientists….

“Come out, come out, wherever you are!” [Read more…]

Lafayette, nous sommes ici!

PS. Belated congratulations to French for rejecting the Nazi despite all the pressure from John Zmirak and other extremely smart super duper better-than-the-Pope Catholics.  You’ve earned the right to be snobbish and superior to Americans. [Read more…]

John OIiver is trying to save our internet access again

He’s completely right and these guys are trying to royally screw you (NSFW): [Read more…]

Grand Jury Subpoenas issued…

in Trump investigation. Firing Comey was too little too late. #tightenthenoose [Read more…]

We are the “No” to heartless policies

Cardinal Tobin saying what should be obvious about the mission of the Church–but which tragically is in an age when so many Catholics have been bewitched by the false gospel of the Party of Trump.   [Read more…]

“The Exodus” by Dave Barnhart

The Exodus I have seen your religion, and I hate it. I have heard your doctrine, and I loathe it. Take away your empty praise songs, your vacuous worshiptainment. Your mouth is full of religious words, but your proverbs are salted manure. “The sick deserve to be sick. The poor deserve to be poor. The [Read More…]

My friend Kaiser Johnson gets interviewed…

by Word on Fire.  It’s not everyday you meet a Chestertonian who has acted in Sleepy Hollow and the Vampire Diaries. [Read more…]

Pretty much

And then, Catholics for Malevolent Narcissists sets to work everywhere on the blogosphere to point out that *nowhere* in the Catechism, nor in a single papal or conciliar document in the entire history of the Church do the words, “The rich are absolutely forbidden to harvest the organs of the poor at will or hunt [Read More…]

Health Care is a Right

The Church teaches that it is. Multiple magisterial sources reiterate this fact. Therefore some guy with a keyboard named Kevin Williamson is in error when he denies that proposition. I’m hearing several popular libertarian dogmas deny this fact. The first is the claim that since health care requires other people’s property and labor there can [Read More…]