Steven McDonald, Paralyzed in Body

…but free in spirit due to the grace of the Holy Spirit has gone to his Father in heaven where he will receive his very great reward.  Eternal memory! [Read more…]

Get the best prolife book for $5

Brandon Vogt writes: Hey, Mark! Really exciting news: As we near January 22, which marks the somber anniversary of Roe v. Wade, you can get a copy of the BEST pro-life book for just $5 (plus shipping). That’s right–just five bucks. And we’re not talking about just a little booklet. This is a hefty 335 page book! It’s titled [Read More…]

Trump CIA pick Pompeo says he would refuse to reboot torture program

I am really delighted to hear that.  Thanks be to God! [Read more…]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: Would you ask your readers to pray for a baby named Gus?  He was born prematurely and is in intensive care.  From what I understand, doctors think his chances are pretty good, but he’s still in some danger. Father, hear our prayer for Gus’ complete healing in body, soul, and spirit and [Read More…]

Pope Wearing Sweater Vestments He Got for Christmas

I love the Onion. [Read more…]

I can’t decide if Pearls Before Swine deserves a Pulitzer…

…or a firing squad: [Read more…]

My pal Marcus Daly….

…was interviewed on CatholicTV about Marian Caskets. [Read more…]

Spare Dylann Roof

The Church says we should only execute people if we absolutely have to. The consistent prolife thing to do is to therefore listen to the Church, not battle her, and agree that Dylann Roof’s life be spared. Respect for Ta-Nehisi Coates, who has every reason to hate the man, but who makes the argument for [Read More…]

The Collision between the Church’s Mission…

…and the need to defend Trump. So here’s a story about a non-Christian guy who has found himself deeply attracted to Jesus Christ, the Catholic faith and the Holy Father who lives out His gospel in such an attractive and powerful way. Indeed, he describes himself–a Jewish guy, mind you, as “falling in love with [Read More…]

Nerd Products You Won’t Find in Stores…

…which parents need, or at least think they want. From the whimsical brain of Sherry Antonetti, my Monday co-host. [Read more…]