The Latest “Connecting the Dots” is on the Air!

My friend Andrew March (a Protestant podcaster and prolife guy with a devotion to the Blessed Mother) had a really great conversation about a wide range of things and wound up talking about Our Lady. He and Irenaeus and the gospel writers have a lot to talk about. He’s one of the most Catholic Protestants [Read More…]

Great Moments in American Oratory

“Now is not the time to decide what to do or how to do it; now is the time to do it.” – Rep. Kevin McCarthy, demonstrating the postmodern nihilist void in the heart and mind of the Thing that Used to be Conservatism Chesterton could get a whole book or two out of laughing [Read More…]

A Happy Medium for the OF and EF

Your thing to make your head asplode for today. [Read more…]

This is pretty fun!

[Read more…]

All the Horrific Details…

…of how you and those you love are being screwed royally by the House GOP’s Kill the Weak and Sick bill are here. It of course remains to be seen how the Senate will make that bill even more cruel. Meanwhile, virtually every health, cancer, heart disease, rare illness, children’s and old age group in [Read More…]

Head of Vatican Secret Archives…

…enjoys muttering cryptic half-sentences just to mess with people’s heads. [Read more…]

Pre-existing conditions

From Senator Sherrod Brown, here is what the Kill the Weak Act passed by the super duper prolifiest party of Trump yesterday calls a pre-existing condition that you can be screwed out of coverage for: From Senator Sherrod Brown (Ohio), a list of pre-existing conditions with coverage lost under #Trumpcare: AIDS/HIV, acid reflux, acne, ADD, [Read More…]

Entire Pentecostal Congregation Joins Catholic Church

…including the pastor and his wife.  Welcome!  Lovely to have you!  Thanks be to God through our Lord Jesus Christ! [Read more…]

The Handmaid’s Tale is a true story…

…just not for white western women: Today there are parts of the world in which renting the womb of a poor woman is indeed ten times cheaper than in the US. The choice of wealthy white couples to implant embryos in the bodies of brown women is seen, not as colonialist exploitation, but as a [Read More…]

Pope Francis Offers a Critique of a Sacred Cow

Libertarian individualism: Finally, I cannot but speak of the serious risks associated with the invasion, at high levels of culture and education in both universities and in schools, of positions of libertarian individualism. A common feature of this fallacious paradigm is that it minimizes the common good, that is, “living well”, a “good life” in [Read More…]