It’s the July Installment of the Bad Evangelists Club!

This months installment of the Bad Evangelist Club comes from David Gray who talks about how Protestants view “the essentials” and how Catholics misunderstand their views. One habit of the Protestant mind I have noticed again and again and again it the “Heads I Win, Tails the Church Loses” ploy in discussing what is and [Read More...]

The Multiplication of the Crashed Hard Drives…

…will be the first miracle toward Obama’s canonization. It’s shocking how little faith people have that there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for all this. St. Rosemary Woods, pray for Obama! [Read more...]

More White Evangelicals than American Jews…

…say God gave the state of Israel to the Jewish people. This is where it pays to have a Magisterium. The state of Israel is a secular nation state like America, France, or Australia. It has the same rights and privileges as any secular nation state. But apart from Evangelical superstition and a lousy misreading [Read More...]

I love this guy so much!

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Question about Medjugorje

A reader writes: Always a total fan until I heard your negative comments about Medjugore. Have you ever been? I have and I am not one to jump on board easily but then I won’t fight grace either and the place radiates it. Anyway here is yet another miracle(see attached article) backed up by medical [Read More...]

Simcha Fisher on the Odious Pewsitter Site

In parts of the Islamic world, women can get horsewhipped and killed for the “crime” of getting raped.  That’s because, in certain barbarous parts of the world, all that matters is that the female organism underwent the act of coitus, forced or consensual, to incur ritual guilt with very real penalties.  It’s a mindset that [Read More...]

A grateful Ruling Class…

…continues to honor the troops it so easily sends into harm’s way. [Read more...]

The Redoubtable Michelle Arnold of Catholic Answers…

Has a blog, titled “Peace, Joy, Pancakes“. Here’s a little taste: “Catholic By Choice” “The Carmelites and Their Scapular” “How to Answer Stupid Questions” Always good to have more sensible Catholic voices out there working in the Vineyard! Live long and prosper, Michelle! [Read more...]

Help a Brother out (Literally)

This seems like a worthy cause to me: I hope this message finds you well! My name is Ramon (Ray) Morris and I am reaching out to you because of  Brandon Vogt’s recommendation. Him and I are both good friends with Br. Jason Zink, a Brother in the Brotherhood of Hope.   In late July, I [Read More...]

Interesting and Perceptive Letter from a Reader

He writes: I’ve read two of your books (By What Authority? and Making Senses out of Scripture). I’m also a regular reader of your blog. I know that one of the common themes in your blog is the way it’s not about the “Right vs. Left” but the “Ruling Class vs. Rest of Us”. I’d [Read More...]

Amazing Sunset Here in Seattle Last Night

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The Shameless Jeff Miller…

…on the even more shameless Louisiana court trying to force a priest to violate the seal of the confessional: Dear Lousiana:  Permit to quote Marcel Marceau: [Read more...]