A reader argues with a Bible Only Christian about the Death Penalty

He writes: I am having a little bit of a comment debate with an acquaintance over he death penalty. He is an evangelical christian and believes God is very much for it citing the Noahic Covenant, Jesus affirming Pilate’s right to kill him the Mosaic Law etc. He is not a catholic, so he would [Read More...]

It would appear Rome is Leaning Toward Shutting Down the Medjugorje Traveling Road Show

That doesn’t mean they are going to outright condemn it, necessarily.  A dramatic bullet to the brain of the Medjugorje fraud might have the same effect as trying to rid the yard of dandelions by blowing the seeds with a leaf blower.  I suspect Rome will attempt to quietly smother it.  We’ll see. [Read more...]

I love finding and boosting new authors

Ric Colegrove looks like a promising new voice in young adult fiction. Check out his Journey of Rol tales. [Read more...]

Dems to Slaves

“Yeah, slavery is bad… I guess.  But abortion is even more important.” [Read more...]

Prayer Requests

Please pray for reader Jeremy, who has a MRSA infection, and for his wife Rachel. Father, hear our prayer for his complete healing, for his caregivers, and for all who love him, through Jesus Christ.  Mother Mary and St. Luke, pray for them. Also, a reader writes: Tomorrow my state legislature is going to hold [Read More...]

Interesting Interview with Alice von Hildebrand

[Read more...]

Sin Makes Things–and People–Fall Apart

John Oliver on the surprisingly interesting question of infrastructure (NSFW language)… …bears witness to the fact that part of the reason the Christian faith is true is that it testifies to the reality that we gain our lives by losing them. Multiple generations of civic-minded people denied themselves, did their boring duty, built our infrastructure and [Read More...]

Measured Pain

My friend Andy Simons has a nifty Lenten piece on mortification over at Commonweal. [Read more...]

When Lefties Recommend Compelling the Poor to have Abortions

prolife conservatives rightly protest. When anti-abortion-but-not-prolife conservatives compel the poor to have abortions, “prolife” conservatives cheer far too often. Catholics who demand, on pain of mortal sin, that nobody use artificial contraception and who then turn around and tell those who are obedient to this “and we will punish you for listening to us right [Read More...]

Today’s Chance to Do a Work of Mercy

Disabled woman needs a service dog. [Read more...]