Life is hard; it’s harder when you’re stupid. – John Wayne

What amazes me even more than the dumbness of doing this is the dumberousness of then posting it to YouTube. [Read more...]

Catholic Apologetics Tip

When a Fundamentalist tells you you are a pagan because some Catholic feast falls in a pagan sacred day, ask them what day of the week it is. [Read more...]

Blessed are the Peacemakers

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Giving the homeless a home is often cheaper …

than leaving them on the streets. If your response is “Well then the obvious thing to do is give them a home and help them get on their feet!” you are both sensible and thinking like a Christian.  If your response is “I don’t care.  The homeless need to be forced to live on the [Read More...]

Sonnet 18 set to lovely music

I wonder why somebody hasn’t attempted to set all the sonnets to music? Seems like a natural. [Read more...]

Grace is Dark Matter

Newfoundland woman offers free room for sick travellers.  One of the millions of tiny acts of unheralded love that made the world go round. Also, in other glad news: Indonesian girl feared killed in 2004 tsunami found alive Girl found nearly 128 km south of her home, where she was raised by an elderly woman [Read more...]

The Cuteness on her First Day of Kindergarten!

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Fr. Robert Barron’s Invisible Friend

…is Love and lovable. The whole “God is your invisible friend” jeer is another example of padding the case for atheism. It substitutes a sneering tone of voice for an idea and is a classic example of worshipping instead of using the intellect. [Read more...]

Quartermaster of the Barque groks my needs, wants, and desires

He speaks to me at a deep visceral level: How can any human being be happy, having this presented to his senses and yet denied to his possession? [Read more...]

Think about this long and hard

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Liturgical Dancer Tests Positive for Performance-Enhancing Drugs

I love Eye of the Tiber. [Read more...]

A priest looks at Brendan Gleeson’s “Calvary”

here. Here’s the 60 review: And here’s an interview with Brendan Gleeson: [Read more...]