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The Two Deadly Errors of Liberal Catholicism

…by the reliably sensible Bishop Robert Barron. Of course, you can see the deadly errors of conservative Catholicism quickly show up in the comments on the piece. [Read more…]

We’ve all been there

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On Friday, Doug O’Brien and I talked…

…about how much we owe our parents and about the Francis-hating Lie Machine at Liesite and Breitbart: [Read more…]

Watching a Rumor Solidify into a Lie…

and then become a “fact” for Trumpian consumer of fake news. March 7: Liesite News publishes a piece titled “Italian archbishop: Pope Benedict retired due to ‘tremendous pressure’“. In it, a retired Italian archbishop trades in the baseless claim that, despite his flat denial to the contrary, Benedict was forced from office by pressure from [Read More…]

The Duties of a Christian Citizen…

…are under discussion over at Catholic Weekly. [Read more…]

I love this so much!

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On Thursday, Deacon Steve Greydanus and I yakked…

…about Beauty and the Beast and Kong: Skull Island: [Read more…]

Simple rule of thumb

Watch what Trump does, don’t be seduced by what he says. He is stabbing his supporters in the Rust Belt in the back. And for heaven’s sake, stop buying the “He’s acting a bit more Presidential” schtick: [Read more…]

I always love these stories

…of when a community rallies around a citizen–in this case an elderly man who got hate mail because somebody didn’t like his Christmas lights a few months ago. It’s all these little unnoticed and unheralded acts of love and charity that are the lubricant keeping the world from overheating and burning down. I wonder how [Read More…]