Binky the Webelf: For All Your Loony Canuck and Anglican News Needs Read more

Glub! Blub!Still drowning in work! Back Monday! Read more

Still Got Mondo Work to DoBack tomorrow! And remember, Western Washington, the Seattle Chesterton Society meets tonight at 7:30 PM, in Conference room 109, Otto Miller Hall, on the campus of Seattle Pacific University. Subject:”A Fundamentally Religious Work”: The Theology of Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings”Dr. Robin Chapman StaceyDepartment of History, University of WashingtonBe there! Aloha! Read more

German DhimmisSo some mob of Muslim demonstrators in Germany get ticked because one guy is flying an Israeli flag from his apartment. How do the German police respond? By defending the guy with the flag? Of course not! By acting as agents of the mob, kicking in his door, and taking the flag.Rod Dreher has the story. Message to Bronze Age Thugs: Threaten more people. The police will accomodate you. Read more

This is My BodyClayton Emmer sends along this link to a site about a short prolife film made by a friend of his. Check thou it out. Read more

New Scientist to Human Race: 1. Don’t Tick Off the Sun. 2. Be Terrified of Remote Apocalyptic Eventualities About Which You Can Do Absolutely NothingNews you can’t use. Read more

Horror Frogs: Weird News from the World of NaturePresumably the frogs see nothing horrible about themselves. Nor, apparently, does their Maker. But humans are incorrigible aesthetes who constantly muddle their aesthetic impression with their moral ones.That tendency to muddle morality and aesthetics, by the way, was a useful opportunity for divine catechesis.For further exploration of the uses and misuses of “ick” in teaching moral truth, go here, here, and here. Read more

Gay Brownshirts on the MarchNow fortified with new and improved Tyrannical State Power to Persecute the Church!Coming soon to a neighborhood near you! Read more

Catholic Pastor Reports from GazaFortunately, it’s published by a source with the wrong tribal affiliations, so it can be totally ignored. Read more

Man With Black Hat Evaluates Past New Year’s Resolutions…inspiring me to resolve never to make New Year’s Resolutions. Read more

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