A vital component of salvation history. I’ve always thought it a shame and (probably) a serious defect in my character that I just don’t like it. Read more

As an apt counterpoint to my jeremiads, she reminds us that God has the final word and it is not No but Yes.The last reality we will ever face is not economics or human stupidity and evil. It is Christ. It is he, not the worst human sinner who is the truth about who we are and who God is. Read more

*Repentance* is what makes us strong. As St. Paul says, “When I am weak, then I am strong.” Taking for granted some virtue that God has struggled for *thousands* of years to inculcate in the West as somehow native to us and not entirely the fruit of God’s merciful love is precisely what fills us with the arrogance and pride that are the besetting sins of the West in this hour–the things the make us weak, the things that invite… Read more

Obama is currently a greater hero to most Americans than Jesus Christ.Which reminds me of some pointed but true remarks Daniel Larison was making this weekend:One of the most tired accusations is that so-and-so “blames America first,” which in a more sane world would be understood as taking responsibility for one’s own flaws. One would think that a more damning charge would be to say that someone never blames America, and so refuses to take responsibility for anything done in… Read more

“Human rights cannot interfere with the global economic crisis, the global climate change crisis and the security crises,” Clinton said in talks with China’s foreign minister.I feel so much safe knowing that a state which takes this approach to the petty concerns of so-called “human beings” and their stupid little cries for “rights” and “dignity” has laid firms grasp on the powers won for it by George W. Bush. I also feel totally secure seeing that state apparatus assume control… Read more

Or, not so much.All I know is what I read in the papers. Read more

Many thanks for your intercession for intercessions: it has worked, and I am still employed.This has called forth from me, however, a ruthless focus on sticking to my last (long overdue, to my shame) which is why the Blogosphere has not heard much from me this month. Not that I expect they noticed.I must also beg your charity, despite reduced page views, in prayers that I persevere in this focus. I promise to come by on Saturdays and when it’s… Read more

For all your pedantic lovelorn needs. Too late for this year, but maybe next! Read more

I gotta get me one of these! Read more

Obama’s Court Prophet Tries to Figure out a Way to Make the Pope’s Interview with Pelosi Bad News for Prolifers Instead of the Reigning Regime.Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, Weigel points out the real nature of the Pelosi’s failed-photo-op-turned-pointed-moment-in-catechesis.I eagerly await Kmiec’s latest moans about the meanies of the Catholic blogosphere who point out the speciousness of his latest bit of suckupery to the reigning regime. Read more

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