The more religion becomes a consumer mode for accessorizing, rather than a matter of truth, the more Americans, including ignorant Catholics and Evangelical Emergent types, will have no problem with it. When Christianity ceases to be about what is true and simply becomes one’s preferred way of coping with life, the more helpless one becomes the liberal theological project.Rick Warren was, in a way, a perfect demonstration of this. He is to be commended for taking a deep gulp and… Read more

Work is a mess right now, by which I mean there is a strong possibility of either a pay cut or no work at all in about three weeks.Please put in a good word for me.Father, please look with love upon your son Ed and grant him and his family the provision they need in order to get through this difficult time. Lord Jesus, you are the Providence of God. Please provide for Ed’s earthly needs and all the needs… Read more

“Scripturally minded people should not allow their suspicion to give way to a complete cynicism regarding politics. Since God is powerful, power in itself cannot be construed as something evil,” states Barron. “The United States is a nation ‘under God’ which means political figures-whether they accept it or not-are under a higher authority and they can’t do whatever they want.” Read more

…the really hard questions until they’re really pressed to it,” he says.The universe has, built into it, a way of not allowing the consequences of ignoring God from going unnoticed forever. Of course, being fallen, we tend to immediately forget the lessons as soon as things get easy again. But troughs are still invaluable times for us. In the words of Screwtape:MY DEAR WORMWOOD,So you “have great hopes that the patient’s religious phase is dying away”, have you? I always… Read more

One of the thorny difficulties of trying to heal schism in the Church is that schismatics aren’t always brave and plucky rebels whose noble purity of heart led them to bravely oppose grave evil in a Church that Just Didn’t Understand Them.Sometimes, the schismatics are dim-witted, self-aggrandizing, anti-semitic jerks like Bp. Richard Williamson.So why would the Pope want reunion with them? Well, because the excommunication was never about Williamson’s dim-witted, self-aggrandizing, anti-semitic jerkness, but about the consecration of bishops in… Read more

First, he writes me:Here’s a typically silly media-meets-church article on the Pope’s new YouTube channel. My favorite line:For the Vatican, it was the latest effort to keep up to speed with the rapidly changing field of communications and new media. For a 2,000-year-old institution known for being very set in its ways, it was something of a revolution.OMG, THA CHUCH HAZ INTERNETS!!!1!!?? One gets the impression that Vatican officials posting things online is something akin to a walrus wearing the… Read more

Update: Too bad. Looks like a scam. Read more

If you’d be so kind, please direct your legion of readers to the Rosaries for Life website as the 72 day “Conversion of America” novena starts on the feast of the Conversion of St. Paul. The novena ends on April 6th, at the beginning of Holy Week.Also, people can sign up to provide prayer support for America and the unborn for the next four years (1490 rosaries) if they see fit. Read more

His Vigil will be at Blessed Sacrament 7 PM tomorrow. The funeral will be the next day (same place) at 10 AM. Get there early for both because I think it will be extremely crowded: a beautiful testimony to a man much loved.I’ve already started to ask his intercession.Santo subito! Read more

Obama has done a very evil thing and a very good thing.As you knew he would he declares open season on innocent children. God willing, this is as far as he carried his pro-abort zeal and FOCA will languish. But we can just coast on hope. The Church calls us to act.And, he simultaneously orders an end to torture and prisoner abuse as a policy of these United States.Dear Friends:We hope you’ve heard the good news that today President Obama… Read more

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