…has a message on climate change I think we can all applaud. Read more

Just to be clear, if you have any problems with stuff you order from me, I will just re-send you a good copy by US Mail. Read more

is writing for God.So is Deacon Patrick! Read more

“Actually, he’s not entirely wrong.”The guy embodies all the worst of the SSPX/Axis of Rad nastiness… and yet you find yourself thinking “These lightweight suburbanites could do with a little gravitas too.”Finally, thought it put me in mind of the Prophet Chesterton (but then you knew I’d say that). A reading from Ye Booke of The Everlasting Man:We have all heard people say a hundred times over, for they seem never to tire of saying it, that the Jesus of… Read more

Pete’s a sensible guy. Hopefully, somebody is listening. Read more

…is that the same people who tend to buy this hogwash are major enthusiasts for self-extinction. Here, for instance, is somebody named Steven Kotler, author of West of Jesus: Surfing, Science and the Origins of Belief, offering his impassioned plea (which will only be heard by other ZPG ninnies like himself), for a five year ban on children.Darwin Catholic has a succinct summary of the fruits of this kind of thinking: “Because most philosophies that frown on reproduction don’t survive.”Now… Read more

A reader in Florida writes:Mr. Shea, here is part of an email I received from Michael O’ConnorThere will be a Missa cantata in the extraordinary form at St Patrick’s at 2:00 on March 1 and then another at St Christopher’s at 2:00 on March 8. Both will be assisted by the Gregorian schola. Pray for us, the Proper chants are the most difficult ones of the year!(St. Patrick’s is located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.)Learning about this Missa Cantata represents… Read more

To what extent is “we have the fullness of the faith” to blame for conservative Catholic credulity re: Fr. Marcial Maciel?There are religious frauds all around, but for some reason (some) people thought the accusations couldn’t be true of Maciel?Why?Because he’s so devout? Jimmy Swaggart seemed pretty devout to me. Because his ministry has been so blessed? Jim Bakker’s ministry was far more blessed.I think part of the blame is this whole “we have the fullness of the faith” business.Nah…. Read more

As I pointed out in Padding the Case for the New Atheism, the New Atheists seem to have difficulty to sticking with the only two really good arguments there are for atheism: 1. Life sucks and 2. Things work fine without God. So they lard on a bunch of fallacies, sleight of hand and rubbish to make their arguments appear more solid, which have the effect of alerting thoughtful people to the fact that the New Atheists either don’t really… Read more

US Govt data it says that while humans are responsible for 5.53% of all greenhouse gases, we are responsible for on 0.28% of the greenhouse effect. Talking about “climate change” is like talking about “tonal variation in music”. Change is what climate *does*. And the great thing about it is that there is always *some*place in the world where some weather record or other is being broken. So you always have grist for a Chicken Little story. Read more

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