Stephen Jay Gould, RIP I always had a soft spot for the man. He was, if memory serves, an atheist like so many of his trade. But there was a willingness to at least attempt fairness toward religionists that was woefully lacking in tiresome and shallow dogmatists like Richard Dawkins. I shall miss him. God have mercy on his soul and grant him everlasting life through Christ. Read more

More on the War on the Seal A fellow named Todd Reitmeyer is a seminarian with his own blog. He writes concerning the danger to the Seal our bishop’s stupidity and wickedness has caused: I wanted you to know I have been telling people for about two months that this is going to happen and no one has believed me. I am glad you see it as well. As a seminarian getting ordained (God willing) into the firestorm this summer… Read more

Sure it’s way funny. But imagine how much funnier your attempts to say something in Japanese would be. Reminds me of one of Mark Twain’s favorite books: English As She is Spoke, a phrasebook written by the enterprising Portuguese Pedro Carolino in 1883. Carolino did not know English but, nothing daunted, he used an English/French phrasebook and a French/Portuguese phrasebook to produce a classic in… some as yet to be determined language. Read more

The Lidless Eye of the Reactionary is Watching Scott Hahn too! Gotta love it when EWTN is too far out for the Truly Catholic[TM] Pharisees. For the record, some of the sweetest, most-docile-to-the-Holy-Spirit-and-teaching-of-the-Church Catholics I have ever known are Charismatics. I’d take their company over the Grand Inquisitor who wrote and published the piece linked above any day of the week. Read more

Father Paul Weinberger Speaks! This is the pastor of Blessed Sacrament in Oak Cliff, TX that Rod Dreher was raving about. If you are a pastor, here’s a role model for you! Read more

A Very Good and Thoughtful Letter A reader tells me she read “an article that I like very much written by a Palestinian Christian who is engaged in peace efforts with Israelis and his perspective on the politics of victimhood, which I have seen as operative both in the current scandal, in the mideast and in my own life which I am convinced is directly contrary to the commands of Christ and which does not lead to healing and restoration… Read more

If Mike Hardy Hates It, You Know It’s Good! 🙂 Just giving you a hard(y) time, Mike. But I did think the piece very insightful. Read more

Shameless Plug If you like this blog, why not consider using Paypal to help support this decidedly lower middle class writer with a wife and four kids by clicking on the “Make a Donation” button on the left side of the screen. In the words of Wayne Newton, “Danke Schoen”. Also, check out my books, which you can also buy via PayPal. Not to worry, it’s a secure server. And I take credit cards! Read more

Culture War A little salvo–a cloud no bigger than a man’s hand–in the coming attack on the Seal of the Confessional. Read more

Greg Popcak is great. Read more

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