This is a big deal and the Christianist “prolife” enemies of the Church’s teaching are freaking out about it: Please read my announcement to be read at all Masses this weekend w/bulletin insert about human life: @TXCatholic — Bishop Michael Olson (@BpOlsonFW) February 22, 2018 The organization Texas Right to Life at times seeks volunteers from parishes and Catholic schools to participate in their efforts. We write to inform you of our concerns with Texas Right to Life and… Read more

Dear Peeps: Please help with your prayers and as much dough as you can muster. This is a chance to do a work of mercy for your brother and sister in Christ. There’s some time pressure on this one, so please give a lot *fast*. A reader writes: Hi Mark, I just wanted to ask for prayers. My husband and I are in a living situation where we need to find another residence within the next couple of weeks. I… Read more

And I am thanking God for every second of it. Corporate America is fleeing the NRA. Since that was published, not only have First National Bank of Omaha and Enterprise Holdings (which include Enterprise, Alamo, and National car rental companies) fled these accomplices to slaughter, but also: Hertz (don’t it?) Met Life does not want to meet death anymore Insurer Chubb Limited will no longer underwrite NRA insurance policies for gun owners Fedex Norton Wyndham Hotels Plus, Black Rock, the… Read more

Cadet Bonespurs has settled on arming teachers as the next phase of the Gun Cult’s flight from reality.  While in the process of punching down at the cop who froze at Parkland, he declares that an imaginary armed teacher would have “shot the hell” out of the gunman, because TV westerns are real and Fox and Friends tells the truth and the president’s inner world creates reality. Meanwhile, an actual soldier who has been in combat writes: Few people actually… Read more

Eternal memory! This is pretty awesome and good way to remember her: Also, this: Read more

I’m always talking about theology. With the exception of the silly posts such as this vitally important thing… …virtually everything I post has, for me, a vital connection to the Church’s teaching, usually the embarrassingly elementary Fifth Commandment: You shall not kill.  Indeed, I wish I didn’t have to burn up so much of my time just reminding Christianists not to kill people or passionately cheer for radical insults to human life. The gun debate is an obvious case in… Read more

So over the last couple of days, the filthy blood-soaked Gun Cult has done what it always does: move from telling everybody to shut up about calling for gun control “out of respect for the victims in this time of tragedy” to sending death threats to the victims of Parkland. No. Really. And this is nothing new. The Gun Cult also issued death threats to the victims of Vegas. But in addition to this is the ongoing concentrated campaign of… Read more

The herd of conservative gun cultists have a new lying meme they are all repeating. You may have heard it: “The NRA has to be the only organization in the world that consistently gets blamed for crimes that its members did not commit.” Here’s reality: The NRA are accomplices to murder because they buy politicians whose job is to maintain the only legal regime in the world that absolutely assures that 35,000 people will be butchered by guns every single… Read more

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The reflexive response of the American Gun Cult, of course, is “What does Europe know?” Well, among other things, despite having more godless people and just as much mental illness, and just as many people with with wicked hearts and just as many video games and less prayer in schools and all the other things Christianist liars for the Gun Cult name as the *real* culprits of our gun slaughter epidemic, THEY DON’T HAVE OUR GUN SLAUGHTER EPIDEMIC. What they… Read more

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