Why I think the Resurrection actually happened: Read more

Holy Thursday is all about the institution of the Eucharist, and therefore all about the priesthood. A priest is a go-between.  He mediates God to human beings and human beings to God. A couple of years ago, Garry Wills wrote a disastrous book trying to argue that the priesthood was rubbish.  It was disastrous for the very good reason that, apart from the biblical concept of the priesthood of Jesus, enormous swaths of biblical revelation and of the mission of… Read more

Today commemorates the day Judas Iscariot went to the Sanhedrin and asked for money to betray Jesus. This is one of those passages in Scripture where the sacred author is obliged, of necessity, to reconstruct, rather than report what Judas said to the Sanhedrin for the very good reason that he was not there, nor were any of the eyewitnesses to the Passion.  Judas did his dirty work on the sly and none of the friends of Jesus knew he… Read more

This appears to have happened on Tuesday of Holy Week, as the local poobahs were looking for some way to put the screws on Jesus. Since, to the impure, everything is impure, the politicos and wheeler dealers in the Temple elite naturally assumed Jesus was a purely political animal like them. So they asked him a question designed to alienate either the crowds or the Romans, all from behind big, buttery smiles, of course: They asked him, “Teacher, we know… Read more

Soooo… did the taxes and things are mighty tight right now between Income, Estimated, and Property taxes, insurance bills, medical costs (since we have no health insurance and just took a wallop) and sundry other stuff. I haven’t rattled the tin cup in years, thanks be to God. But if you appreciate my work, I would appreciate it if you could go to Paypal and drop some shekels in. My email addy is chez.ami@frontier.com. God bless you! Also, if you… Read more

On Saturday, March 24, the Feast of soon to be St. Oscar Romero, a colossal number of (((Soros)))-paid “crisis actors” swamped 836 cities to destroy our Republic and render us naked and exposed to FutureHitler–in the delusional minds of the Gun Cult and its Christianist court prophets. For everybody else, it was a volcanic eruption punctuated by Emma Gonzalez’ historic speech, which will be remembered for decades. A defining turning point like the “I Have a Dream” speech. A shattering… Read more

This is a lie: Back in the day, Christians stated clearly that that God created man to know him, love him, and serve him in this life and to be eternally happy with him in the next. Back when Christians were formed by the tradition and not by FOX news and the Federalist, war was a consequence of the Fall, not something God created and not something humans were created for. To be sure, sometimes it is necessary to fight,… Read more

There will be 837 marches happening around the gl0be to demand sanity from the United States of America and its insane gun regime. The Gun Cult and its wholly owned subsidiary, the GOP, has made an implacable enemy of a whole generation of kids who clearly understand that the GOP does not care if they live or die. This fall, 4 million of them will be able to vote for the first time–and they are coming for the Party of… Read more

He works in a different part of the Vineyard from me. The soil he tills is richer and has people of good will like David French in it, willing to really try to work for the common good. The soil I till is full of rocks and deals with far more elementary moral divides in the Church, such as this: I’m addressing super-basic moral choices such as “When seventeen kids have their guts and brains splashed across their lockers, and… Read more

So we are past a year into the most prolifeyest administration in the history of ever.  Some of us remember when Constantine Redivivus was going to save us all from certain death at the hands of Diocletian Clinton.  This was the Flight 93 election.  Vote Trump or die horribly in searing pain!!!!  All the stops were pulled out to scare the sheep into voting GOP. More than this, it was proposed as the election of a beautiful Baby Christian who… Read more

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