If you are fine with this then there is something wrong with you. Read more

Yet another member of the Party of Personal Responsibility explains why mean Lefties are making her support a lying con man who kidnaps children and cages them away from their parents out of pure, vindictive, sadistic, spiteful cruelty. She just has to because the enemy of her enemy is her friend. The whole world has to organize around the hurt feels of offended white people. News flash: There is not, in fact, moral parity between people who support Trump because… Read more

This is like a really funny and really horrifying episode of Doctor Who.  The moment the scene scene shifts from absurd and weird banter among the robot friend to the smiling mouth full of secret soup is where we cut to the Doctor Who title sequence: Read more

Where Peter Is discusses the vile apologetics for child-torture and hostage-taking now being offered in the name of Jesus Christ by Raymond Arroyo in defiance of both the Holy Father and the Magisterium (click the link to read the whole thing): Can someone explain to me why Raymond Arroyo still has a show on EWTN? Bad enough that whenever Arroyo hosts Kevin Appleby, from the Center for Migration Studies and a longtime staffer on the issue at the bishops’ conference,… Read more

A reader writes: This family belongs to our parish in Atlanta. The Go Fund Me page (link below) has the details, but they were in a horrific car accident over the weekend. The two youngest children were killed and Mom is in critical condition. Eldest son is special needs, eldest daughter was driving (and is crushed with guilt at having caused the crash), and there is no father. Please rally your followers for prayerful and, if able, financial support. https://www.gofundme.com/wolwark-tragedy… Read more

and continue beating children with his belt in order to extort funding for his wall: The torture of children–condemned by the Pope, the bishops, all actual disciples of Jesus, and all people of good will–shall continue.  Only the lying diabolical cult of Christianists and the Alt Right white supremacists who are their soulmates still defend this.  Trump is hoping that this head fake will take the pressure off. Don’t let it.  RESIST! Read more

He writes: This is Friar Roderic Burke from the Franciscans of the Immaculate. I am glad you are still writing so productively, calling people away from the extremes. I started a new video series called “Mary to the Moon” that has the same themes but linking it to the false dichotomy between faith and science, rather that both are needed for true human progress. This, in turn, is related to the false dichotomy between left and right and to the larger false dichotomy of… Read more

We had great fun! Jack’s a good man with a heart as big as all outdoors. Listen to “WCAT Radio Christian Democracy with Special Guest Mark Shea” on Spreaker. You can go here to keep up to date on the show and look for future episodes. Read more

Over at The Catholic Weekly, I noodle a claim that is taken for granted whenever the subject of guns comes up–and which is then immediately contradicted by the Gun Cult itself: the idea that technology is “morally neutral”. Check out the argument and let me know what you think. Here’s a taste, but please read the whole thing: One common theme heard, especially in the gun-besotted United States, is the old saw, “Guns don’t kill people.  People kill people.”  Prescinding… Read more

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