On this Feast of Holy Innocents…

Rachel’s Vineyard, Project Rachel, and Silent No More Awareness Campaign are all good to support for post-abortive women. In addition, there is Rehumanize International and the New Prolife Movement, both of which support the Church complete teaching on the dignity of human life from conception to natural death. Read more

The Finest Depiction of Holy Innocents Ever Painted

It haunts me. Read more

I love these things

 Read more

Prayer request and praise report

A reader writes: I’ve being feeling defeated by my faults lately – so I guess I’m asking for prayers that I may grow in hope. Peace and blessings (and Merry Christmas). Father, hear our prayer that this child of yours be enable to receive the grace that you intend for us sinners, remembering that it does not depend on his worthiness, but on your love for him that nothing can stop. Give him the grace to accept the mercy you… Read more

What I Did This Christmas

So I started Christmas by allowing my computer to suffer a massive heart attack and die, taking with it the logon information for this blog. This was, of course, the Greatest Gift of All for people who don’t like this blog.  It was also a pleasant break for me, which I used to find another (the awesome HP Envy, featuring Features as well as many parts that do the things I need it to do such as run Word and… Read more

In Praise of Materialism at Christmas

Grey gnostic spirits pledge to me “Good Thoughts” at Christmas. They piously denounce materialism and what is bought,  say, “Gifts and presents are not worth an ounce compared to the purity of spirit.” But I say there’s nothing specially fine about that. Satan is very near it, being himself a spirit. No, I dine on delicious meats at Christmas, savor smell of tree and sights of light, sing bright songs, present presents honoring a Savior really present in flesh, and… Read more

Behold, the Virgin Shall Conceive…

So last week, just as I was about to post a followup to this piece on Matthew, Isaiah, and the Virgin Birth my old computer suffered a devastating myocardial infarction and died.  Since then, I have been struggling to get the new system online, reconstruct my data, and salvage what is left of my old hard drive.  Also, Christmas happened, bringing with the attendant goofoffery that makes Christmas so wonderful.  Every time I have thought to myself “You should post… Read more

The US Now Runs the Largest Gulag on the Planet

Larger than China’s.  Larger than Stalin’s.  Here. In the Land of the Free.  You can help fix it: I was sentenced 78 months to serve at a federal prison for a white-collar crime. I left home a healthy single mother of two sons, not ever experiencing any serious illnesses. I was a registered nurse who had achieved 3 secondary degrees. I was homeowner and a successful business entrepreneur. I was also six weeks pregnant. Anytime I was transported, I was… Read more

The Failure of the Prolife Movement

All the this: “‘In the first place, we must correctly realize why abortion in this country (let alone in Europe) came into being. It did not come in with the legalization of contraception 6 years earlier, nor did it come in because of Margaret Sanger, who was a socialist and a Nazi supporter. It did not even come from Eugenics. These are all secondary causes; they are all involved, however, they flow from a primary cause. ‘Abortion came from Capitalism’s… Read more

Today is an Auspicious Day!

On this day, thirty years ago, Sherry Weddell and Yr. Obdt. Svt. were received into the Catholic Church at Sacred Heart parish in Seattle, in the very shadow of the Space Needle. I will remember it as long as I live: my first confession (a *powerful* experience of grace and healing), my conditional baptism (it’s complicated), and the experience of saying the Creed with the whole congregation at our back.  Plus, were Confirmed.  In fact, I received five of the… Read more

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