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Lying for Jesus: A Faustian Bargain

When I criticize Live Action for lying to Planned Parenthood, I can typically be guaranteed that I will hear that I am a) secretly supportive of Planned Parenthood because I am criticizing Catholic Folk Heros who have saved more lives with a single video than I have in my whole worthless life and/or b) I [Read More...]

Prolife organization demonstrates that Lying for Jesus is unnecessary

For those people who were wringing their hands last month, wondering how on earth a big, evil, and powerful organization like Planned Parenthood could ever be stopped if Live Action was not permitted to lie to them, I have good news. An exciting new prolife organization has successfully conducted a humiliating sting operation which conclusively [Read More...]

No. Really. Lying for Jesus *is* a Faustian Bargain

A reader writes: I’m a regular reader, occasional commenter. I really appreciate the work you’ve been doing on the Live Action issue. Here in the trenches, I can’t tell you how important is the moral integrity of the pro-life movement. So often when we talk to legislators, they throw back at us every offense ever [Read More...]

The great Lying for Jesus Debate Continues

in which I discuss Faustian Bargains, argue with people whose sandals I am not worthy to untie, and plead for calm in the factional world of St. Blogs. I would urge those who love babies, Jesus and the Faith to remember that this includes everybody on both sides the debate and to pray for each [Read More...]

The Truth about Lies

A reader writes: Hi Mark, I hope all is well. In light of the perennial issue of whether it is ok to sometimes lie (well, I agree with you that Church teaching is clear on this, but you know what I mean), I thought you might be interested in this documentary. I have not seen [Read More...]

Liars for Jesus, Part Deux

The sheer quantity of baloney coming from the Makers of “The Principle” continues to multiply exponentially. Raw Story got in contact with Rick Delano, “who said the film is not about geocentrism. Rather, it questions the Copernican Principle . . .” Mhm. And DeLano also says any film about the Copernican Principle that does not involve an [Read More...]

Liars for Jesus

While Catholics labor to bear honest witness to the Faith, Bob Sungenis and Rick Delano have managed to take their lunatic boutique obsession with geocentric idiocy and create a national splash of scorn for the Church by the venerable technique of Lying for Jesus. First, Lawrence Krauss makes it clear that he has no idea [Read More...]

The Hell Kerfuffle and Fussy Perfectionism

Recently, in this space and elsewhere, I defended Fr. Robert Barron from the charge of being “WRONG!” in his speculations about hell.  As I pointed out then, Barron represents a school of speculation, not only permitted by the Magisterium, but actually voiced by Pope Benedict himself in Spe Salvi.  Of course, right on cue, fifty [Read More...]

I Take It Back. I Was Wrong. Live Action’s Tactics Here are Still Wrong

Update:  A reader points out concerning the LA woman in the video: She says (more than once) that the child’s father (1) told her to go get an abortion and (2) is paying for her to do so. Her being there is exploratory inasmuch as she’s “not 100% sure”. This latter one *could* be regarded [Read More...]

Excellent work!

Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology student Humberto Lopez ponders the question of Live Action and Fraternal Charity It takes me a while but I think I’m able to articulate at least part of the confusion that inevitably arises when it comes to the strategy of lying to PP. When defenders talk about lying to [Read More...]