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Lying for Jesus: A Faustian Bargain

When I criticize Live Action for lying to Planned Parenthood, I can typically be guaranteed that I will hear that I am a) secretly supportive of Planned Parenthood because I am criticizing Catholic Folk Heros who have saved more lives with a single video than I have in my whole worthless life and/or b) I [Read More…]

Prolife organization demonstrates that Lying for Jesus is unnecessary

For those people who were wringing their hands last month, wondering how on earth a big, evil, and powerful organization like Planned Parenthood could ever be stopped if Live Action was not permitted to lie to them, I have good news. An exciting new prolife organization has successfully conducted a humiliating sting operation which conclusively [Read More…]

No. Really. Lying for Jesus *is* a Faustian Bargain

A reader writes: I’m a regular reader, occasional commenter. I really appreciate the work you’ve been doing on the Live Action issue. Here in the trenches, I can’t tell you how important is the moral integrity of the pro-life movement. So often when we talk to legislators, they throw back at us every offense ever [Read More…]

The great Lying for Jesus Debate Continues

in which I discuss Faustian Bargains, argue with people whose sandals I am not worthy to untie, and plead for calm in the factional world of St. Blogs. I would urge those who love babies, Jesus and the Faith to remember that this includes everybody on both sides the debate and to pray for each [Read More…]

Lies vs. Truth, not Humility vs. Elitism

Ezra Klein remarks on this piece about the sheer bullshit that flows in an endless stream from the mouth of Donald Trump and from the pack of professional liars who work for him and for the Right Wing Noise Machine: Trump’s tactics, in a different context, would be understood as typical authoritarian propaganda — regimes [Read More…]

God Bless Bishop Conley!

Takes apart “Nebraskans for the Death Penalty” after they rip some of his words bleeding from their context and lie through their teeth to suggest he supports the death penalty. This kind of stuff is Exhibit A illustrating my complaint against anti-abortion-but-prolife Catholics who *claim* that stopping abortion and euthanasia is their “core non-negotiable”, but [Read More…]

Prayers for Chase Padusniak and ThisCatholicGirl

She catfished Catholic Twitter and he got hurt as collateral damage along the way. Chase’s first-hand account is here. I had something like this done to me once, also on line, in a chat group. There was none of the relationship dimension that Chase had to endure. Just a person who deceived everybody about her [Read More…]

What the Horrifying Planned Parenthood Videos Really Reveal

Ross Douthat relates a grisly tale of a time a truck spilled aborted babies on the road (and the compulsion of urbane abortion supporter to Not See it) to the current story of the Center for Medical Progress’ exposure of the gruesome lunchtime chat of PP reps about the “crunchiness” of the babies they gaily [Read More…]

The Truth about Lies

A reader writes: Hi Mark, I hope all is well. In light of the perennial issue of whether it is ok to sometimes lie (well, I agree with you that Church teaching is clear on this, but you know what I mean), I thought you might be interested in this documentary. I have not seen [Read More…]

Liars for Jesus, Part Deux

The sheer quantity of baloney coming from the Makers of “The Principle” continues to multiply exponentially. Raw Story got in contact with Rick Delano, “who said the film is not about geocentrism. Rather, it questions the Copernican Principle . . .” Mhm. And DeLano also says any film about the Copernican Principle that does not involve an [Read More…]