And in the Department of Shameless Self Promotion…

In this week’s Brooklyn Tablet, editor Ed Wilkinson has an editorial praising the blogging forays of Deacon Greg Kandra and myself. Thanks to Ed and to my “blogfather” Deacon Greg, who encouraged me to start this blog in the first place. This has been a load of fun. It was Cardinal Newman who said, “Catholicism is a deep matter– you cannot take it up in a teacup.” Never was that more true than when you’re looking at the history of the Church: local, national, and international. When you love something you want to share it, and I hope this blog helps people appreciate what a rich history we have as Catholics.

Catholics in the Movies: Pedro de Cordoba (1881-1950)
All Hallows College, Ireland (1840)
Catholics in Public Service: Senator Francis Kernan, New York (1816-1892)
Catholic Poetry: "Believe and Take Heart," by John Lancaster Spalding
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