Boston College Football Team, 1913

The Varsity Team of 1909, under the leadership of Captain Pierce, passed through a very successful season. Dr. Maguire’s coaching was of the highest order and a well-balanced team was the result. The season of 1910 marked the renewal of athletic relations with Holy Cross on the gridiron. The Worcester boys had a great advantage in weight, but we were saved from a “whitewash” by Leonard’s clever goal from the field. The team suffered a great loss from Captain Ed. Hartigan left for West Point. Jack Hartigan’s 1911 team was one of the scrappiest ever turned out at James Street. The Holy Cross game was a very bitter contest. The score was 12 to 0,  with us at the short end, but this did not show the real story of the contest. The following week the team journeyed to Maine and held the strong Colby eleven eleven scoreless for three periods. They only succeeded in wresting the game us when our lighter team was completely exhausted. The next year Hartigan was again chosen to lead the team. We were handicapped from the start by injuries sustained by several of our best men. Coach Joy worked untiringly, and the fact that the eleven finished strong may be attributed for the most part to his efforts in their behalf. The prospects for a good team in 1913 are better than ever before, as only two men are lost by graduation. We look forward with confidence to a team superior to any that has worn the maroon and gold.

Sub Turri  (Boston College Yearbook), 1913  

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