Catholics in the Movies: Robert Harron (1893-1920)

Bobby Harron was one of the leading stars of the 1910’s, appearing in some of the greatest films of the era under director D.W. Griffith. Born Robert Emmet Harron, he grew up in Greenwich Village, where he was taught by the Christian Brothers. At thirteen he started as a messenger boy for the Biograph Company and worked his way up to bit parts in Griffith’s movies. Between 1907 and 1921 he appeared in some 220 films. His films include the notorious Birth of a Nation (1915), Intolerance (1916) and Hearts of the World (1918). His star might have ascended even higher had he not died suddenly of an accidental gunshot wound. His brother John and sister Tessie both appeared in films. He is buried at Calvary Cemetery in Queens.

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