Mother Austin Carroll, R.S.M. (1835-1909)

Mother Austin Carroll, authoress of the Life of Mother Mc Cauley, Leaves of the Annals of the Sisters of Mercy (4 vols.),  Life of St Alphonsus, Life of Venerable Clement Hofbauer, Glimpses of Pleasant Homes, Happy Hours of Childhood and a number of other valuable works, was born in Clonmel, Ireland, in 1836, educated mostly there. Entered the Convent of St. Mary’s of the Isle, Cork, 1853, and professed 1854. Aided in establishing the Order in Buffalo, Rochester, Omaha, under Mother Xavier Warde. Established Convents in New Orleans,  Biloxi, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Belize, British Honduras, and is now (1895) in Selma, Alabama. Mother Austin has, in addition to her office of Superior during these years, been very busy with her facile pen contributing to many periodical magazines, among which are the American Catholic Quarterly Review (Philadelphia), Catholic Record, Catholic World, Irish Monthly, besides a large European correspondence. Has passed through several severe epidemics. Though Mother Austin spent much of her life in Europe, yet her literary life has been truly given to America, and Americans especially, by her active services in our schools, which she has established and attended. She has founded in this country over twenty Convents. We trust that some day an extended biography will be published for a life so apostolic and evangelic, which must be filled with material interesting and instructive.

Immortelles of Catholic Literature: Compiled from the Works of American Catholic Women Writers by the Ursulines of New York (Akron, OH: D.H. McBride, 1897), 395.


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