Librarian, Mountainclimber, Pope

Today marks the election of Pope Pius XI in 1922. Born Achille Ratti in 1857, he grew up near Milan and was ordained in 1879. He taught in Milan’s seminary and was named head of the Ambrosian Library in 1888. Father Ratti was an expert in Medieval paleography. In 1907 he was named head of [Read More...]

Eagle Scout Nears Sainthood

Just the other day, Deacon Greg Kandra posted the sad story of a seminarian who died just before his ordination. In a few days, we’ll be marking the passing of another seminarian who died young, and whose canonization cause is underway. February 7 marks the passing of Frank Parater (1897-1920), a seminarian from the Richmond [Read More...]

The First Nuns in Arkansas

Today in 1851 marks the arrival of twelve Sisters of Mercy in Little Rock, Arkansas. They soon founded Mount St. Mary’s Academy, where February 5 is known as “Founders’ Day.” Not only was it the first Catholic school in the state, it was the first school in the state. In an area where there were [Read More...]