The Mamas Share: Bishop’s Sonnet?

If you’ve been reading, you know that I love Elizabeth Bishop and you know that I’ve been holding out hope that some of you are memorizing her poem Sonnet with me. As of tomorrow mama:monk will be moving on to a new poem. I know you may not have had time to learn all of it. Or you may think that a poem is the last thing you’re going to use your limited brain powers on in the midst of crazy mother life. I understand that the poem memorizing part of this blog may be it’s strangest quirk, but I’m hopeful that there are some of you out there who are appreciating it! Are you out there, people?

Because I loved hearing your fantastic thoughts about hospitality, I’m really hoping you’ll share a little about your experience with this poem (even if it’s just what you’ve thought about reading it) or, perhaps, your nonexperience with this poem. Has Bishop’s poem meant anything to you?

Please share, mamas!

"Happy for you, dear Micha. And I love the new space!!"

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