Molly Ringwald and “The Pretty”

Friends, I sat for two hours last night staring at my computer screen with an utter blankness in my head. What was there to write about today? I wanted to find a meaningful poem to share…nothing. I wanted to tell some powerful story. Plum out. I wish I was funny but actually I think I’m just fake funny and it only comes out once a month.

But I’m happy to report that in spite of my failures as your blogging person, I read an article today, an excerpt actually, from Molly Ringwald’s (yes, that’s the Sixteen Candles girl) new book in the New York Times today. It’s not life changing. Or theologically powerful. But, it says something about motherhood that rang true with me. Read it here. And I’ll go get to work on actually saying something meaningful tomorrow.

"Happy for you, dear Micha. And I love the new space!!"

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