The books that shaped you?

The books that shaped you? July 8, 2011

While I’m on vacation, I thought it might be fun to ask this question again. I’d love to know the answer you have, especially you newbies we’re still getting to know. This was first published on September 2, 2010…


Tuesday, Helen Lee at Gifted for Leadership asked her readers (mostly women in positions of leadership in the Church) which books have most shaped their lives.

Her question was in response to a similar one asked of the Twitter followers of two marketing consultants and well as some influential business leaders. The result was over two hundred responses which were compiled in the list “Top Books Every Young Influencer/Leader Should Read.” According to Lee, “of the top 33 books that made the list, none were written by women.”

So, she posed this similar question to her readers, recognizing that most are female, Christian, and leaders in ministry: “Which books have had the most impact and influence in my own life as a female Christian leader?”

I’ve been curious to see the answers in her comments section. But I’m more curious to ask the same of you, friends. Knowing that you’re not all women or Christians, I will pose my question this more generic way: Which books have had the most impact and influence in your life? Don’t be afraid to list fiction, poetry or (shocker!) non fiction.

Leave a comment. And, if you’re up to it, follow this link over to Helen Lee’s post and leave a comment there as well.

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