2012 in review: Some of my favorite posts of the year

I’ll be taking all of next week off, following my final Advent poem tomorrow and Advent post on Christmas Eve. I’ll be back in action after the new year, but I thought now might be a good moment to review this past year. Thanks for sharing it with me…


In January, I made some resolutions. I’ll let you know how that went sometime soon. Also, in January, I celebrated Brooksie turning 10 months old with some poetry.

In February, I believed in family dance parties, I prayed for my sons to die old and surrounded by their families, I blessed the sacred vessels of my kitchen, and I asked you to pray for my mom.

In March, I reunited with the friend I’d lost because of a boy 16 years before. I wondered what it means to hurry toward hospitality. I prayed my kids would remember me as broken, yes, but also being remade.

In April, I wrote about ministry and doubt and how they can sometimes coexist. I sent a “Mother Letter” to the mamas and believed in having grace with myself. Then I thanked my bowls and plates and pots and pans for letting me use them and wash them and put them away.

In May I read the sad Psalms with my kid and defended earnestness (while declaring my unending love for Ann Voskamp).

In June I celebrated one of the most important pastors in my life and baptized my youngest boy.

In July, I gave thanks for God’s work in the ministry I left. I wrote a letter to St. Benedict. I grieved the loss of my grandfather.

In August, I told you I was packing up my life again.  I talked to myself on my 21st birthday.

In September, I wrote (again) a post that starts with Crazy and ends with Grace. I said that if Jesus is true, he is true all the way through. I went on a trip to Italy and I posted about it later.

In October, I ate tacos with Jamie while her boy and mine wrestled and tiny fish wriggled in their hands and we said goodbye to FireAustin. I wrote about failing at ministry. I wrote about Halloween and my Pawpaw’s death and seeing Jesus in real life.

In November, I showed you a picture of me in 1988. You’re still welcome. Later, I prayed for my son to have a heart of flesh instead of a heart of stone and he told me he had both those hearts in him.

Then December came and I shared some poems and wrote some thoughts about Advent and defiant hope. But you remember all of that.

And really, what more should I really say here? Except, thank you for sharing my life with me. I write it for both of us, so that I’ll understand and so that, maybe if grace comes, you might too.

I’m grateful.




  • Mark Allman

    I loved the Because Grace is Brave story and the one about your hair.

    • michaboyett

      Ha! I’m glad you liked the one about my hair. : ) Thanks for reading and commenting so often, Mark. I’m always grateful for your comments.

  • Angela (Ueckert) Guilloud

    Micha, in regards to your resolution to read more fiction….I wholeheartedly recommend books by Charles Martin. So far, I have read The Mountain Between Us, Where the River Ends and Chasing Fireflies. Wonderful author!

    • michaboyett

      I’m looking Charles Martin up right now!

  • Angela (Ueckert) Guilloud

    Micha, just read your post on praying for your mom. I had no idea she faced cancer this past year. Please give an update on her when you are able. I will be praying….

    • michaboyett

      Thank you so much for your kind note. My mom is doing really well. The surgeons were able to remove all of the cancer and it hadn’t spread anywhere. It was the best news we could have possibly gotten. That means she never had to do any chemo or radiation. And she’s still doing really well. Thanks again for your prayers. It means a lot to me.

      • Angela (Ueckert) Guilloud

        Wow….so glad to hear that. Your parents are dear people, and I have always admired them greatly. I hope your time in Amarillo was a blessing to you! Wish I could have been there and hugged your neck at the candlelight service!

  • http://yahoo.com pat

    Micha, I am so glad I found your blog. Thank you for sharing your life with us!

    • michaboyett

      You are so welcome, Pat. I’m honored to have you around here!

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