Only 10 days late…the winner of Sarah Dunning Park’s book of poems

And, using the Random Number Generator, our winner of Sarah’s book What it is is Beautiful is Jen! 


Jen, I don’t have an email for you anymore because Patheos has undergone a shift from our old system of commenting to Disqus, which is wonderful. But we’re undergoing a few technical difficulties in the process (and let’s be honest, I’m totally confused).


Jen, if you’re out there, will you email me at michaboyett at gmail dot com with your contact info?


Happy Thankful Tuesday friends. (I’d love to know what you’re thankful for today…Leave it in the comments!)



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Thanksgiving in their words…
  • Dawn Wright

    A bit of cool spring rain… our dove cooing in the thicket behind our back yard… homemade chocolate chip cookies and strong coffee… a husband who truly sees me

  • michaboyett

    I’ve missed reading your thankfuls, Dawn. So happy to see you here today.