What I’m Into – April Edition

What I’m Into – April Edition May 6, 2013

Sunset in Santa Cruz, from my writing retreat last month. 


On April Fools, I told the boys about how my brothers and I always tricked my dad by hiding marbles in his shoes. August thought that was hysterical and poured all six of his marbles into his dad’s shoes. Chris acted shocked and appalled when he found them there and the boys could not contain their joy. So the next day, it was Lincoln Logs. Then it was Lincoln Logs in every shoe of Chris’ they could find.

Then it was Lincoln Logs in their own shoes. “I’m gonna trick myself!” August would say, while Brooksie trailed behind him, “I’m una ti sef!” And they did. They tricked themselves for a week or so.

Then August completed a science experiment from a kit his grandma gave him for Christmas. It was the tiny spider you stick in a jar of water and watch grow. Next thing I knew they were hiding the spider in Chris’ shoes. Then the spider was in my shoes. Then the spider was under my covers. Then the spider was in their own shoes. Then I was hiding the spider in Brooksie’s shoes.

And this lasted all month. Up till yesterday. There will probably be a spider in my shoes this morning. Then I’ll hear some little voice yell, “I gotchoo Mommy! I gotchoo!”

And I’ll think it’s the most wonderful thing in the whole world. Because it is.



I’ve spent this past month bent over my desk, working on this book and it’s been worth it. I’m definitely moving along at a pace I feel good about. I really wish I was better at being present with all of you and being present with my book, but I feel like I’m having to choose one or the other and this is just the way it’s going to be for a while. Don’t be too sad, I’ve also given up watching Mad Men. So if I’ve given up this blog and Mad Men, you know I’m committed. Which leads me to…


What I’m watching

Which is basically just Nashville and New Girl at this point. I know. How sad. I’m a tired lady these days, y’all and it takes way to long to clean my kitchen. You’d think by how little TV I’m watching, I’d be reading like a pro, but my reading is severely lacking lately, which brings us to…


What I’m reading

I finished Memories of a Catholic Girlhood by Mary McCarthy. I told you before that I’ve been doing my best to read as much good memoir as I can while I’m writing my book. And Mary McCarthy is classic. Her writing is pristine and interesting and this book was written before memoir was a “genre.” She brings up a lot of good questions about memory and truth and how unreliable her memories probably are, as well as the temptation to make a story more interesting than it actually was for the sake of the story. These are all things I’m thinking about as I work on the book and McCarthy has challenged me in some really good ways.

I’m still working through The Sabbath World. It’s been hard work, not gonna lie. It’s interesting to me and I feel like I’m learning so much about Jewish history and culture and the significance of Sabbath to who we are, even as an American culture. But, y’all. This book is taking me A Very Long Time to read.

I’ve finally picked up Wisdom Distilled from the Daily: Living the Rule of St. Benedict Today by Joan Chittister. You guys. If only I’d read this book three years ago when I first trying to find anything and everything on St. Benedict’s Rule. This is golden. I’m only two chapters in but I’m underlining every other paragraph and thinking, “I could quote this in my book! I could also quote this in my book!”



I’m totally behind in all my blog reading. I’m either all in or all out. So I’ve hardly been online at all the past week. Funny story: We moved Brooksie into August’s room and made his room my office. So now my desk is at the way back of the house where my internet connection will not reach. Husband says he’s fixing the problem. And it’s actually been pretty good for keeping me from writing distractions. But it means I’ve been a terrible online friend this past week. And my emailing has suffered even more than it usually does. Who knew that was possible? It is, I assure you.

But, I think as we head into Mother’s Day this coming Sunday, I hope every pastor and all their friends and neighbors will read this post from Amy at The Messy Middle: “An Open Letter to the Pastors {A Non-Mom Speaks Out on Mother’s Day}.” It’s about  the alienation and pain and “otherness” that non-mothers can experience in a a typical church Mother’s Day recognition. This is really important.



I bought Waterdeep’s new album “Moment” and I’m loving it. I am forever committed to Waterdeep. They have been part of my life soundtrack for every important piece of my adulthood. And here they are covering “In the Air Tonight” and I can’t take it. It makes me so happy.



I know. I only have one album to tell you about this month. Give me some grace!  I’m a mom trying to write a book. I’ve only had enough time this month to watch two shows, read one and a half books, and listen to one new album and recommend one blog post.

Oh, and hide a spider in a lot of shoes.

Also, I got to hear Jim Wallis speak about his new book On God’s Side, and I can’t wait to tell you more about that.

Also, I decided I’m no longer using my drip coffee pot. I’ve been converted by my coffee obsessed husband to French press and chemex and all the other fancy-pants things. And I’m okay with that.

Also, I got to put my boys in swimsuits and take them to the beach last week! Something that never happens in San Francisco, where it’s always 60 degrees. So much joy for all of us, especially my Texas-girl soul. Now I’m preparing myself for 55 degrees in July.

Also, I gave away my Tom’s shoes and I’m never going back and I’m getting all grown up and responsible about my feet and I’m going through Physical Therapy! Who’s proud?

Also, it’s almost summer, you guys!

Also, I miss you! Don’t leave me! I’ll come back soon, I’m promise. (Also, I never told you who won the free copy of Sarah Dunning Park’s book! I will tomorrow. I promise that too.)


Linking up (Five days late!) with my friend Leigh Kramer for “What I’m Into.”

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