Hello. Hi. Hey.

Hello. Hi. Hey. December 16, 2013


My dears.

I know. I know. You thought I’d never show up here again? Here I am. Just poking my head out to say hello and I miss you.

You want to know what I’ve discovered about myeslf? I’m really bad at doing two kinds of writing at the same time. When I’m focusing on my book, my brain is completely incapable of throwing any sort of words down on the blog. Other words just don’t seem to exist in my skull, at all. So, when I’m away from you, off working on the book, just know that it’s for the best. If I tried to say anything to you, it would probably just be exclamation points and excited faces, and, really, we don’t want that.

Here’s what’s been going on:

  1. I finished final edits on my book! Finished. And if I chose the wrong discriptor to tell you how cute my husband’s nose is, we’re just stuck with it now, folks. This whole final edits thing just about stole my sanity right out of wherever it is I keep my sanity. I had 10 days to do more than humanly possible. And my husband was out of the country six of those days. I survived only because I have the best friends in the entire universe. There’s so much to tell you about the book, but I want to hold off until January, when I can give you all the details at once, okay? Until then, I’ll be napping. (Just kidding. Really, I’ll be packing, because…)
  2. We found a new home! For those of you who have followed our difficult neighbor situation, you will understand how happy this news is. We’re moving for the eighth time in our ten years of marriage (but who’s counting?) in mid-January and I cannot wait for the peace and sweetness of having a house we can stomp and run and play in. Also, after finishing the book, I’m so happy to be forced into some physical labor. Also, I don’t really know how to deep clean a house. I only know how to move. So I guess I feel like organizing.
  3. It’s almost Christmas, y’all! And I have failed to be the perfect Christmas woman this year in all sorts of ways. I couldn’t swing Christmas cards this year. And no St. Nicholas Day celebrations happened this year in our house. Also, I actually had to leave church early yesterday morning because I forgot all about the Angel Tree present I was supposed to bring. I literally left church, drove home, picked up the little angel tree card, drove to Target, bought that sweet boy his present, wrapped it in the car, and drove back to church. My brain is a fuzz ball, people. But I got that present turned in in time. (Thank you for existing, City Target.)
  4. I can’t wait for a new world of reading and resting at night. And that’s what I feel like I need to focus on for the next few weeks. So I’ll be away from the blog until early to mid-January, while I pack my house. Then, after my move, I can’t wait to jump back in here with you guys and blog with all my heart until my book releases in April. 2014 going to be a lovely year.

Have a wonderful Christmas! I’ll see y’all on the flip side.




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