On Photo Shoots and the Very Talented Mark Kuroda (Help me pick a favorite?)

One of the strangest and awesomest parts of suddenly being a Real Life Author is that though you may write a book in your pajamas on the couch, forgetting to brush your teeth before 2 in the afternoon, the process of “selling” that book involves you actually dressing yourself and combing your hair and smiling for cameras. In order to sell your book, you have to show up and appear sweet and normal. This hair-combing and wearing real clothes is called “Marketing.”

For a girl like me, this news is both exhilarating and terrifying. After all, my life-long dreams included Amy Grant passing her microphone and cheetah print pants on to me one glorious day. I love smiling for cameras. But it’s also terrifying, because: cameras. And judgement. And my tendency toward vanity and snuggling with my ego. I’m scared of being mocked and I’m scared of being praised.

Aren’t we all?

But here we are. Hi, I got some new photos made of me. Because I’m an author and I’m supposed to. Also, because I like my new hair-do.

Now I’m going to show them to you because you need to know about my favorite new photographer in all the world. If you live in San Francisco or have friends who live in San Francisco, spread the word…

Mark Kuroda met me on one of the sweetest little streets in San Francisco’s Union Square, and, with great talent and kindness, took photos of Micha the Author, somehow creating some pictures that might just convince people who don’t know better that I sometimes brush my hair and wear non-yoga pants.

I walked down the middle of the street in my fancy heels (without falling down!). I did interpretive dance on the corner and no one yelled obscenities at me. And I stood in front of the most gorgeous urban backgrounds. All of this was only possible because Mark is an incredible photographer and was so fun to work with.

This is what he accomplished.

We’re going to be making some BIG CHANGES around here in the next month or so, before my book releases. I can’t wait to tell you about it!

Until then, which are your favorite photos? Which should we use if we were to–ahem–redesign my entire website (for example)?  Let me know in the comments!

And don’t forget to take a peek at Mark Kuroda’s website and send all your SF people his way


Thanks for humoring me.



PS  Please forgive me for including these bonus interpretive dancing pics.

PPS Special thanks to Liz, Caitlin, and Cecelia for accepting twenty dressing room mirror-selfies of me while I tried to find the right outfit. Also, to Laura Turner, the one and only, who held my bag and told me when there was lipstick on my teeth.



  • http://www.amylepinepeterson.com/ Amy Lepine Peterson

    I put on Amy Grant singing “Lead Me On” while I looked at these, so my opinion should have extra weight :-)

    I like the brick wall the best. And I love the interpretive dance.

    • Micha Boyett

      GIRL. That is the best thing ever. My hope is that Lead Me On will be in the background whenever any of my words are read. Forever. (Thank you!)

  • Helen Lee

    I cannot choose! They are all soooo fabulous! =) But if I had to, I love the last three (before the interpretive dance photos, which are all awesome in their own way) and also the one that is closer up of you with glasses, where you are looking to the side. But seriously, you have terrific options here!!!

    • Micha Boyett

      What? I shouldn’t put an interpretive dancing pic on the back cover of my book??? :) Thanks Helen! The glasses/brick wall one is my favorite too.

  • http://www.coffeestainedclarity.com Bethany Bassett

    Ooooh, lovely! The last two shots are my favorites (other than the interpretive dancing ones, OF COURSE).

    • Micha Boyett

      Thanks so much, Bethany!

  • http://therunamuck.com amber@therunamuck

    I can’t take the hotness. What in the world, girl. The one where you’re leaning on the wall? Dang.

    • Micha Boyett

      Ha! The whole lean-against-the-wall-with-fierceness-thing is cracking me up still. Thanks for calling me hot, Ms Amber. I’m honored.

  • http://jasonboyett.com/ Jason Boyett

    Your marketing/designer brother says #082, with the laugh and the bricks and the funky glasses.

    • Micha Boyett

      That’s my favorite too. Your sweet design skills must be rubbing off on me. Finally. :)

  • Jeannie

    Because you asked, my 3 favourites are the top one, the glasses closeup, and the hands in pockets.

    • Micha Boyett

      Thank you Jeannie! Last night my husband said, “You’re seriously going to ask your readers for their favorite pic? Are you in middle school?” Ummm. I guess so? Thanks for giving my middle school soul some feedback today!

  • Katie Noah Gibson

    I LOVE THESE. (The interpretive dancing ones are awesome.) My favorite is #082 (I agree with your marketing/designer brother). And I love the shot below it – that’s your album (or audiobook?) cover.

    • Micha Boyett

      Ha! Well, if Amy Grant passes along her microphone and her gentle alto vocals, let’s make it the album cover. Thanks lady.

  • phyllis lorenz

    Beautiful pics. Love the close up with glasses, the brick wall and the last one of you walking down Maiden Lane. Also the one of you leaning against the black brick wall with the plaque on it. Oh how much fun you must have had!

    • Micha Boyett

      Phyllis, I love that you know we’re on Maiden Lane! Thanks. It was so much fun.

  • carameredith.com

    bwah ha ha ha – brick wall with glasses ….or interpretive dance #2. xo.

    • Micha Boyett

      Thank you for the wonderful feedback, friend.

  • Laura Ortberg Turner

    Interpretive Dance #1 is hard to beat. But the laughing/brick wall/glasses combo is also stellar. You look goooooood, girl!

    • Micha Boyett

      Ooooooooh. Thanks. I owe it all to the lady who held my bag.

  • http://www.rageagainsttheminivan.com/ Kristen Howerton


    • Micha Boyett


  • http://www.buriedhopes.com/ Rebecca

    You are so pretty! I like numbers 8 and 9 — you look like a supermodel in #8, and very smart and friendly in #9 :)

    • Micha Boyett

      Rebecca, you are super kind. Thank you.

  • http://www.twitter.com/teenbug Tina Francis/ @teenbug

    #1 and #9.

    #1 – Contemplative, thinking deep thinky thoughts, also so pretty.
    #9 – Down to earth, funky, and again (no shock here) so very pretty.

    • Micha Boyett

      Deep Thinky Thoughts. That should be my subheading for the blog. Thank you so much, Tina!

  • http://www.leighkramer.com/ Leigh Kramer

    These are all amazing! Gorgeous. Especially love #3, 5, 7, 8, and 9.

    We are so having a dance party at FFW!

    • Micha Boyett

      So much dance partying. I CANNOT wait! Also, thank you.

  • Angela

    You are tooooo cute Micha! #8 is my favorite!

    • Micha Boyett

      Thank you Angela!!!

  • Joan

    #5 is my favorite!

    • michaboyett

      Thanks Joan!

  • Angela

    I am no marketing expert, like your brother :), so this is my humble opinion only and could be very wrong. Although I love the photos of you in the glasses, I think if you are using on a book cover, it will date the timing of your book’s release (which may be totally fine). My husband wore large eyeglass frames 20 years ago and anytime we want a good laugh, we go look at his photos. However, this being said, you could wear a brown paper sack on your head, Micha, and you would still be soooo darling! Just a thought!

    • michaboyett

      Thanks Angela.You are soooooo wise. I totally had this mental image of early 90s glasses! That’s hysterical. We’re actually too late for the book cover anyway. It’s already off to print with my old photo…so we’re in the clear there. But thanks for thinking to let me know. I appreciate you and I’m always happy to see you here!

  • http://www.tanyamarlow.com/ Tanya Marlow

    Girl, you are SO gorgeous! I liked 1 and 10 best, with 2 and 8 next best. Although I would totally pick up a book that had your interpretative dance move photos on, so…

    • michaboyett

      You are so kind! Maybe a few years down the road I can include an interpretive dance pic on a book cover. :) Thank you, Tanya.

  • christinapack

    I love the close up with the glasses…I think that’s #5.


    • michaboyett

      You’re the best for letting me know. Thanks CPack.

  • pastordt

    #1, #5, #9, #10. A BUNCH of them. What fun you had – I love the longer hair and the sass. Great shoot!

    • michaboyett

      I’ve been working so hard on that sass, Diana! Thank you. :)

  • Michelle Hohorst

    You know, the “bonus” pics really should be used as part of the site. They are fantastic.Otherwise, I like #8 and #9 the best. They just scream “Awesome and Contemplative Author”

    • michaboyett

      Michelle, if only we could make gifs of ourselves dancing and put them in lockets for our husbands. It would be the best Hohorst men gifts ever. Also, I totally want to scream “Awesome and Contemplative Author” all the time. :) Thanks friend.

  • http://www.taraleighcobble.com/ TLC

    Hands in pockets, glasses, smiling, looking to side. So friendly and lovely.

    • michaboyett

      You’re the best, TLC. Thanks lady.

  • Rachel

    Like 6 and 10 . x (:

    • michaboyett

      Thanks Rachel!

  • Susan Michaelson

    Hi Micha! Gorgeous shots. Love 011 and 093 the most . . . look forward to reading the book. Love to all!

    • michaboyett

      So nice to hear from you, Susan! Love hearing your thoughts…

  • http://about.me/bezner Steve Bezner

    If you had an explosion behind you in the one where you are walking down the street, you would look just like an action hero. So cool.

    But if that’s not what you’re going for, then the one with the brick wall and glasses is pretty sweet, too.

    • michaboyett

      Cool guys don’t look at explosions! That would be amazing.

  • http://camandlynds.tumblr.com/ Cam and Lynds Talk Culture

    Very Anne Lamott. I approve. The glasses one with you smiling is the best.