#FoundGrace: Our Community Lenten Practice. ‘Find yourself found.’*


  I worked out Saturday morning with a friend. As we rode home together, the subject of Lent came up. “I just want to emphasize grace this Lent,” she said. “I’ve suffered enough these past few months and I feel like I need to recognize that before I give myself a checklist of tasks to [Read More...]

My Chalkboard: spiritual life in our everyday existence


I love Henri Nouwen. I love this quote. I only just found it this past week while listening to a lecture for my counseling course, so I haven’t ever read the book this comes from, Making All Things New. Have any of you read it? I’m also loving how beautifully this fits with my book [Read More...]

What people are saying about FOUND (some shameless self-promotion)

found-quote-6 2

  Found releases in 33 days! So, as we head into the month of March, I just wanted to take a moment to remind you that it is available for pre-order on Amazon here. (You can buy it in paperback or Kindle!) Here are what some people are saying about it…   “I read Micha’s [Read More...]

An invitation to be ready (to be needy)

I chase my almost-three-year-old around the bedroom with the batman t-shirt. He busts out of the doorway and sprints for the living room, squealing. “I’m not going to chase you around,” I say, even though–let’s tell the truth–I’m pretty desperate here. We’ve got to get in the car to make it to school on time [Read More...]

If King Wrote Us a Letter Today (a guest post from Grace Biskie)

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Throughout the month of February, Patheos has invited its bloggers to contribute to a conversation called 50 Years After Birmingham: Reflections on and from the Black Church. I loved Patheos’ idea to host this conversation in honor of Black History Month and wanted our blog to be part of it. As a white woman with [Read More...]

My Chalkboard: Flannery O’Conner


From A Prayer Journal.   I am loving this tiny, beautiful book of Flannery O’Conner’s prayers. It was a Christmas present from the hubs, which I’m just now opening, what with all my newly created reading time and all. : ) Happy Friday, friends. [Read more...]

Making Space, Part 2 (Let’s be practical here.)


  So on Tuesday I wrote about the idea of “Making Space” as a spiritual practice. As I go through this series on Invitation, I can assure you that I’m just trying these ideas on for myself. Sometimes my posts can be super abstract. If I were a reader of me, I’d probably complain that [Read More...]

An Invitation to Make Space

  A couple of weeks ago I shared how, after a difficult season of living with daily emotional stress and anxiety related to the neighbors below us, we moved. And on that first day in our new home, as I stood on our deck, looking out on our new backyard a beautifully clear afternoon, the [Read More...]

The Wildest of Lovers: My Chalkboard for Valentines Day


Happy Valentines Day, Lovers! Taken from Love Poems From God: Sacred Voices from the East and West. [Read more...]

Vlogging with Cara: What kind of Jesus are we offering our kids?

  What do you all think? Do most children’s Bibles make you cringe? Do you have any other “brown Jesus”/ “Jesus with real feelings” Bibles you make sure your kids are reading? [Read more...]