My Chalkboard and all the other things…

I missed posting my chalkboard last Friday because I wanted to make sure you saw my interview with Peter Enns over at his place. If you haven’t read it yet, I’d love for you to check it out. I’m loving this from Walter Wangerin’s piece in my Lenten/Easter Devotional Bread and Wine. I love the idea [Read More…]

An Interview with Peter Enns

Friends, I’m thrilled to be over at Peter Enns’ blog today talking about my book. Soon I’ll be making the rounds all over Blog Town guest posting and discussing my book. But this is my first interview. If you don’t know Peter Enns, he’s a fellow Patheos blogger,  a biblical scholar, and an incredible thinker [Read More…]

Jesus Came to Save Us from the Bible (A guest post from Ed Cyzewski)

    Following the Bible’s teachings on the Sabbath can be exhausting. Seeking the freedom of scripture can lead to bondage. Drawing near to the teachings of scripture can lead us further from God. This is the paradox Jesus faced in the Gospels. It’s a tension that runs throughout the many stories where ordinary people, [Read More…]

An invitation into the Mystery of Easter

  I’ve mentioned here several times that I’ve been teaching the Godly Play curriculum to third graders at my church. And, just to be honest here, I still don’t know how I feel about Godly Play. Somedays I love it and somedays I worry it’s too vague for the minds of little children. Somedays I [Read More…]

#FoundGrace: Our Community Lenten Practice. ‘Find yourself found.’*

  I worked out Saturday morning with a friend. As we rode home together, the subject of Lent came up. “I just want to emphasize grace this Lent,” she said. “I’ve suffered enough these past few months and I feel like I need to recognize that before I give myself a checklist of tasks to [Read More…]

My Chalkboard: spiritual life in our everyday existence

I love Henri Nouwen. I love this quote. I only just found it this past week while listening to a lecture for my counseling course, so I haven’t ever read the book this comes from, Making All Things New. Have any of you read it? I’m also loving how beautifully this fits with my book [Read More…]