Sri Lanka, World Vision, and the Question God is Asking Us

 A thousand years ago, also known as July 3, I made a decision to travel to Sri Lanka as a blogger for World Vision. I couldn’t believe I was doing it. It didn’t make any logical sense to me. I had been asked to join the team last minute, the week before. My immediate thought [Read More…]


I wait for the Lord; my soul waits for him; in his word is my hope. Psalm 92:4   I wait alone in my room, my hands open, arms raised. I wait in silence while my husband and boys read books in the other room. “Brooksie, where is August’s nose?” I hear Chris say. “Do you [Read More…]

Checking In…

Friends! I miss you guys. It’s very weird to go through a week and keep all my deep thoughts to myself. It’s probably a good practice in non-vanity. (No, every thought is not deserving of daily blog posts, fancy-pants Boyett!) I have, however, shared my thoughts with the Mister. And I wrote them down. (Take [Read More…]

Wherever I Send You, Whatever it Costs You

A week and a half ago, prior to my grandfather’s funeral, as I ate a large family meal in the fellowship hall of the Boyett Baptist Church (no, that’s not really its name!), I encountered a third or fourth cousin, someone I hadn’t seen since my high school years when I’m sure we talked at [Read More…]

Gymnastics-Love Friday!

I had been thirteen for 6 days and was slow dancing with a dark haired boy at Jessica Bond’s birthday party (Jessica, *high five!* I hope you’re out there) the first weekend of eighth grade in late August. There were two ways I described myself to that Obsession-cologned boy whose hands were awkwardly holding my [Read More…]

If it shakes you… (introducing Catherine Prewitt)

If it shakes you, let it shake you; let love’s heaviness o’ertake you Let it bring you to your knees Let the world outside look on; they will tell you to get on But don’t let ‘em turn it cheap You know how sometimes song lyrics say exactly what you need a friend to whisper [Read More…]