{This Sacred Everyday} Chuck DeGroat

Chuck DeGroat was one of my pastors at City Church in San Francisco. I owe much of my spiritual formation over these past three years to his teaching and generous thinking. He is a man of many roles: pastor, teacher, counselor, author and blogger. (Not to mention husband and dad.) As always in this series, [Read More…]

Thankful Tuesday: 8 Years

Christopher, when we were first dating, riding in cars together, my fingers running through the back of your hair (What was I thinking? I barely knew you!), you amazed me. You were the quirkiest boy I’d ever met . You said things like, “Let’s just be cozy and watch a movie.” Cozy? What 23 year [Read More…]

To Brooksie, on his baptism…

This past Friday evening, we gathered family and friends in Philadelphia and Brooksie was baptized in his grandmother’s backyard. It was the sweetest night, full of kids and laughing friends and a dear former pastor who came into town just to be part of this day with us. We’re grateful. These are the words I [Read More…]

Poem-a-Day Friday: Franz Wright

    Today is a special day for my little family. Our T-Rexy (aka Brooksie) is being baptized in a quiet backyard ceremony at my mother in law’s house this evening. On Monday I will be posting the words I’m planning to read at Brooksie’s baptism tonight. (That post may also answer any questions you [Read More…]

A Tribute to the Single Mother and in Praise of the Good Father: A Father’s Day Post (of sorts)

Every time Chris leaves town, I’m reminded of how much I depend on him, on how good my life is with him, how what I have is rare. Our marriage is not perfect, but it is one of kindness, freedom, friendship. We share. A lot. We’ve shared a car since his broke down in 2003 [Read More…]

{This Sacred Everyday} Preston Yancey

I’m anxious, which is why I’m baking in the first place. Baking is a kind of sacrament to me: a piece of myself, a temple of the Holy Ghost. [Read more…]