Thankful Tuesday: Off to Philadelphia!

I’m up late trying to get my posts for the week set in place before the family and I jet off to the northeast. Tell me what you are thankful for? [Read more…]

When prayer is not cultivated in the quiet

Fifteen years ago, my youth pastor taught me to sit still, to keep my focus, to open my Bible and let the Spirit swoosh through my too easily distracted mind. I used to sit down to prayer with a plan scratched in notebooks: First praise God. Then confess the screw-ups. Then be thankful. Then ask [Read More…]

Poem-a-Day Friday: Louise Gluck (Also, Micha’s yellow folder)

  When I arrived at my creative writing program in 2002 (which my friend Courtney Queeney and I affectionately referred to as “Poetry Camp”), I was the least educated of the bunch. I don’t say that with false humility. It’s a matter of fact. No one with my GRE scores should have been admitted to [Read More…]

Good words for a Thursday

  A collection of thoughts . . . Just some words that are marking me. “When all the facts are laid out, it is hard to be a Christian. When all the facts are laid out, it is harder not to be a Christian. For the great fact, Jesus, trumps all other facts; he is [Read More…]

{This Sacred Everyday} Sarah Bessey

Sarah Bessey is my first blog crush to ever turn into a real friend. Getting to know her in the blog world has been a great gift to my soul. She speaks about worship and mothering and marriage in an original, life-giving voice that never ceases to challenge and refresh me. If you haven’t heard [Read More…]

Thankful Tuesday: Attending to the wonder

What if we stood up and took notice when we say “wow”? Awe is an integral Christian “disposition of the soul,” [Herbert] Anderson* contends. It leads us into and disposes us toward faith. Luther himself said, “Wonder brings faith.” Such a disposition is what actually connects belief and practice. Without an outlook titled toward awe, [Read More…]