What Makes a Pastor? Or Linda Horne and the Great Mystery

“I solemnly swear…” Her lip twitched, her eye twinkled. “I solemnly swear…” we repeated, our right hands raised to the sky, our fingers making the shape of any good scout promise. “That I…” “That I…” We giggled. We were standing around a table of pretzels and Kool-Aid. It was a summer Tuesday, one of the [Read More…]

Poem-a-Day Friday: Farah Marklevits

Farah Marklevits is a friend of mine from Syracuse. I spent three years of graduate school in a workshop with the same five poets, who taught me as much about writing as our professors. (Ours was a special group. We actually loved each other, which never happens in MFA programs like ours.) I shared many cups [Read More…]

Girls and Great-Grandmothers and all the Mothers between them

    A couple of Sundays ago, I had a phone date with my 90-year-old grandmother, Deenie (aka “Cotton“). The boys were outside in swimsuits with Chris and a water hose and I had an hour-long window and a phone. After a week of family stomach-bug yuck, I called Deenie, cleaner and sponge in hand, [Read More…]

{This Sacred Everyday} Ed Cyzewski

{This Sacred Everyday} is a collection of posts about encountering God in the plain places, in the monotonous, in the daily. Today’s reflection is from Ed Cyzewski, who became my Real Life Friend recently when we met at The Festival of Faith and Writing and bonded over our shared love for all things Philadelphia. What [Read More…]

Ann Voskamp, Tim Challies, Beth Moore: Dinner and a Defense of Earnestness

A month ago I sat in an auditorium at the Festival of Faith and Writing waiting to hear author Ann Voskamp speak about story and beauty. I sat among rows and rows of eager fan-ladies, all of us longing to hear the sound of her voice, hoping she would whisper secrets to us about how [Read More…]

Thankful Tuesday: Memorial Day Edition

Parents who will drive eight hours and spend money on a hotel room on the way, just to stay two days with my family Riding bikes (in the street!) with August and feeling the gift of his growing up My dad and August in the backyard, sticking tiny ants under the microscope Bubbles and a [Read More…]