It’s almost officially Fall. Glee’s new season starts next week! ACs across the country or being switched to the off positions. And it will soon be apple picking time. I love the seasons. As much as I’m a summer girl, my insides get all giddy at the thought of hot chocolate and sweatshirts at high school football games (which, being in youth ministry, I’ve never stopped going to for the past 14 years post high school). I love walks in… Read more

This was the first official Thankful Tuesday that you haven’t heard from me. I may fail to bring you my brain on various other days of the week, but on Tuesdays you can usually count on a thankful post. Today, however, it wasn’t happening. I stayed up late with my brother and sister in law, slept a little later until August stirred, rushed to get the boy to his school by 9, stuffed laundry in the washer and dryer, drove… Read more

It’s midnight and I’m exhausted. I’d originally planned to write something meaningful and compelling tonight. Instead I spent the past four hours eating dinner with my brother and sister in law (who are in town visiting) and discussing, then listening to, our favorite songs of the nineties. It was an amazing conversation, full of such beauties as “Rhythm is a Dancer” and Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game.” So good. That, of course, eventually led into about an hour and of half… Read more

Yes, It’s True I’m pregnant. 14 weeks pregnant to be exact. I know I’ve done a pitiful job of hiding it, with my hints at “feeling crummy” for the past two months and all my complaints about the cold weather this summer, which might as well have been complaints about constant nausea while having a 55 degree month of July. But, despite my daily pukefests and August’s faithful hovering behind me while I’ve vomited (such trauma for the little soul!),… Read more

What does it say about me that I cried hysterically through the last fifteen minutes of The Time Traveler’s Wife on one of those movie channels I don’t know why we have but it never has anything good on it anyway? It wasn’t even a particularly great move but its ending was soul ripping. When the time traveler knows when he’s going to die, his wife has the chance to say goodbye and then watches him die. My weep-fest was… Read more

I’ve been working through a small devotional guide written by my spiritual director, Debby Bellingham, called, The Mentored Life. Small is key for me right now. Throughout the past two months I haven’t felt great and mornings have been particularly difficult. Waking up prior to 7 am (before August wakes) in order to have time for prayer has felt impossible. As much as I’ve needed that rest and have been able to have grace with myself, I’ve felt the need… Read more

When I was in grad school, I was honored to study poetry for three years with five other students who continually amazed me. They taught me and challenged me, leaving me mesmerized that such beautiful things could come out of their brains. One of those poets was Courtney Queeney, whom I’m so happy to have as a reader (and commenter!) at Mama:Monk.  Thankfully, her talent was appreciated quickly and she was given a book deal in 2007. If you’re looking… Read more

Tuesday, Helen Lee at Gifted for Leadership asked her readers (mostly women in positions of leadership in the Church) which books have most shaped their lives. Her question was in response to a similar one asked of the Twitter followers of two marketing consultants and well as some influential business leaders. The result was over two hundred responses which were compiled in the list “Top Books Every Young Influencer/Leader Should Read.” According to Lee, “of the top 33 books that… Read more

“All stability challenges us to engage the people where we are. We do not listen to monastic wisdom but rather exploit it if we believe that we can enjoy the life with God that it points to without engaging this bedrock reality: life with the God we know in Jesus Christ is lived in community with other people. We can only grow into the fullness of what we are made to be in Christ by opening ourselves to the particular… Read more

Since I entered Bloggyrealm last February, I’ve been introduced to a world I had never before known. Yes, I sometimes read blogs, but they were blogs about my friends’ kids or random links a friend referred me to. I was never much of an internet surfer-girl. And I certainly was not much for social media. I begrudgingly got on Facebook, because I worked with high school kids and knew it was the best way to connect with them and understand… Read more

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