When I was five months pregnant with Brooksie, I was barely one year into our new life in San Francisco. I was still making friends. I was still coming to terms with the reality of the Pacific Time Zone. And I was learning the more difficult aspects of urban dwelling. I had moved our little family to a new apartment a month before and was still unpacking, frustrated with myself that it didn’t feel like home yet. August was deep… Read more

I’ve been aware of Hännah Ettinger (and her blog Wine and Marble) for the past several months through Twitter, but I’ve only recently come to know her and her story. It’s only been since then that I’ve spent time reading her blog. Hers is one of those blogs I’m kicking myself for not following sooner.  She’s a gifted writer with a gentle spirit and she is my newest addition to my Reader. So grateful she’s willing to share her story here.   * When other… Read more

Yes, it’s late Tuesday night and it’s barely Thankful Tuesday anymore. But. It’s been one of those weeks, you guys. I needed to force myself into thankfulness. And, really, that’s what Thankful Tuesday is for, right? Here we go: For blue skies For the new associate pastor at my church, Julie, who just moved here in August with her husband and two young kids. Y’all. A woman pastor who is also a mom??? And can wear a clerical collar while… Read more

Thomas always stands on 9th and Clement in the afternoon. He and his red shopping cart piled high with strange containers and blankets and, usually, bottles of Coke. I always wonder, is it old Coke? Is it still bubbly? Thomas loves Coke. Usually, he paces and talks to himself, pivots, and does it again. But I’ve been wondering lately if he’s not really talking to himself. I’ve been thinking he talks to God. At least that’s what he tells me…. Read more

I’m interrupting our regularly scheduled One Good Phrase to bring you my Sometimes-Monthly-Wrap-Up of all (not really all, thank goodness. More like some) that I wrote/thought/ watched/ read in the month of September. I know. BORING. Self-obsess much, Micha? I hear you. Feel free to move on to another blog ASAP. Okay. You’re still here? Wow. Thank you so much. Like, seriously. You are a really nice person. Here’s what I was into this month: I finished writing a book… Read more

Thankful Tuesday! Where you been all my life? I’m thankful for… Brooksie’s gymnastics class and how he loves nothing more than hanging and spinning around on that rope swing. For little boys who can’t get enough of the swaddling game. It’s weird. (And kind of creepy.) I know. That Brooksie has started calling everyone “Sweet Baby James” (from the James Taylor song) and he can’t seem to stop because we all think it’s so cute and he lives for us… Read more

I’m teaching third grade Sunday School at my church. This is a new sort of thing for me. I don’t necessarily feel at my most capable with children. Yes, I know, I’m a mom. Aren’t moms supposed to be good with kids? I tend to think I’m good with my own. (Sometimes.) And I tend to think I’m good with their friends, especially when their friends’ parents are around so I don’t have to be in charge. But, in general?… Read more

I have a new post over at A Deeper Church today. Here’s an exerpt…   I don’t have it in me to write something meaningful. My mind is not enough today. I’ve been back from Guatemala for a week now and my head is thick and swimmy. Its insides move too slow for recognition. Maybe my mind is made of honey, maybe slime. Either way, I have nothing interesting to say about what should be or what could be. This morning, I… Read more

I’m taking a break from my post-Guatemala reflections to write something a little lighter. Today I’m guest-posting for one of my very favorite bloggers, Addie Zierman. She’s hosting a series called One Small Change, about small steps we can make toward a more just world. Today I’m sharing about how and why I made the big switch from paper napkins to cloth. Here’s a sneak peek. * When I moved to San Francisco four years ago, I was recycler. I was… Read more

Since I got home from Guatemala, I’ve felt like this:   I’m not really sure why. It’s not like I’ve been an emotional wreck. I’ve just felt…like I’m moving too fast and my brain can’t catch up. Last Thursday morning, August complained about the milk in his cereal and then poured it into the sink untouched. So, of course, I followed him to the bathroom where he was brushing his teeth and proceeded to cry fat tears about how I… Read more

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