Thankful (Late) Tuesday (Evening)

Thankful (Late) Tuesday (Evening) October 8, 2013

Yes, it’s late Tuesday night and it’s barely Thankful Tuesday anymore. But. It’s been one of those weeks, you guys. I needed to force myself into thankfulness. And, really, that’s what Thankful Tuesday is for, right?

Here we go:

  • For blue skies

  • For the new associate pastor at my church, Julie, who just moved here in August with her husband and two young kids. Y’all. A woman pastor who is also a mom??? And can wear a clerical collar while still somehow being stylish? Best. Thing. Ever. A couple of weeks ago I got to have lunch with her and she asked, “Is there anything you need from me–as a mom and a woman–who is also your pastor?” And I started weeping into my artisan pizza about the power of having a woman leading me in worship and a fellow mother as a pastor-caregiver in my life and the lives of all the women in my church. Ahhhh. So thankful to be in a church that believes God calls and equips women to minister.

  • For a husband who sees my anxiety and weaknesses and doesn’t tell me to toughen up. But seeks to protect the tenderest parts of my spirit. That’s a gift.

  • For August’s super sweet Kindergarten teacher who gives every kid a “pinky hug” at the end of the day. I probably mentioned pinky hugs last week in my list. And I don’t care because I LOVE pinky hugs.

  • Here’s a really deep and meaningful one: I GOT BANGS and I love them. And I’m thankful that my family has mostly adjusted to them. There were tears at the sight of me, though. And I refuse to say whether the tears came from my husband or my children.

    Don’t believe my husband’s sad face. I’m convinced he loves bangs. He totally loves them.
  • That my old lady foot has been feeling good enough for me to attempt running again. I have a long way to go. But it feels good.

  • For this poem from Eavan Boland that my friend Tamara Murphy posted a link to on her blog last week. You have to read it. I can’t stop thinking about that last line and whether I’m “searching…for beautiful things.” Soooo good.

  • That my boys get to share a room (and a bunkbed) and for all the secret conversations between them that I get to overhear.


What about you? What’s on your list (even if it’s not Thankful Tuesday anymore where you are)?

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