Thankful Tuesday Halloween Style

Thankful Tuesday Halloween Style October 29, 2013

It’s Halloween around these parts. The pumpkins we carved the weekend before last were so moldy that I was afraid to breathe in the same vicinity as their air.  And every part of our lives has had some kind of Harvest Festivity. This past weekend we “ween”ed and carnivaled and festivaled and are getting all pumped up for some parading.

In other words, let’s get thankful, y’all.

  • For the doggy costume my mom made Brooksie, which consists of sweatpants and a thermal shirt with spots on it and  a long tail and an amazing crocheted hat with ears that HE REFUSES TO WEAR. But he keeps getting mistaken for a cow. Thank you, Mom!
  • For the joy that “nature” gives to August, who loves science and animals so much that he watched owls snacking on mice at the zoo yesterday for twenty minutes and he couldn’t take his eyes away. I love learning what inspires my kids.
  • Speaking of inspiring, you guys should have seen Brooksie on the bungie jumper at gymnastics yesterday. The happiness was incredible. And I couldn’t take a picture, so I’m being thankful and at the same time begging Elderly Micha: “Do not forget Brooksie’s face on the bungie jumping thing, Elderly Micha.”
  • For the long, hard nights of feeding and putting my kids to bed and doing dishes by myself once a week while my husband is off with this amazing ministry, serving people who need to be cared for. I can be real cranky about it sometimes, but, man, I’m proud of him and thankful for him.
  • For the pumpkin on my mantel with three (count em, three) faces.
  • For press-on Frankenstein tattoos and very important smiley face stickers that cannot be lost.

There are a lot of people in my life who are in physical pain, who have lost or are losing people they love, who are sick, and who are brokenhearted. I keep praying small prayers for them. Mostly asking God to be what Psalm 34 already says God is: “Near to the brokenhearted.” I’m thankful that I can ask God to keep that promise.


What about you? What’s on your list today?

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