College Thankful

Welcome to Thankful Tuesday on a Thursday. I hope that’s not terribly confusing. I spent the weekend at my college’s Homecoming for my ten-year reunion. Now, let me explain something to you. I did not go to a school known for its academic rigor, though I learned plenty. I didn’t go to a school that [Read More…]

{Practicing Benedict} Nothing harsh or burdensome

Welcome to Mama:Monk’s weekly Wednesday series examining St. Benedict’s Rule and what it has meant to me as a stay at home mom. (Full disclosure! I’m no expert on Benedict or the Benedictine Order. I just love him/them and can’t seem to stop reading books that have “Benedictine” in the title.)  “In the guidance we lay down [Read More…]

Just a Stay at Home Mom (how liberation frees me to love my non-job)

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Thankful Tuesday to bring you my most recent guest post at Her.meneutics (the women’s blog for Christianity Today.)  I am a product of the Second Wave Feminism of the 60s. By the time I was a child in the 80s, movies were full of women in shoulder-padded jackets at their corporate desks. [Read More…]

Just Write: The Miracle

You’re up at 5 am. They call this “sleeping through the night.” I groan and meet you in our secret place: dark room, soft carpet, a rocking chair in the corner. The glow of nightlight feels sacred when I’m here, like I’ve been roused from my sleep for some holy appearing, a light leaking, heaven-glow. [Read More…]

‘The Evangelical Rejection of Reason’

If you haven’t yet read Monday’s op-ed piece in The New York Times, now is your chance. Karl W. Giberson and Randall J. Stephens, both professors at Easter Nazarene College, write with conviction, honesty and fairness toward the anti-intellectualism of the greater Evangelical conversation in our culture. This article was written on behalf of all [Read More…]

{Practicing Benedict} Prayer and Anything Worthwhile

“My words are addressed to you especially, whoever you may be, whatever your circumstances, who turn from the pursuit of your own self-will and ask to enlist under Christ…” (From the Prologue, the Rule of St. Benedict) Beginning today, we’re starting a new Wednesday series about what I’ve been learning over the past two years [Read More…]