Milk, Pumpkins and Neighbors: A Thankful Tuesday List

My baby learning how to sign “milk” (his arm goes straight up in the air and then he squeezes his hand open and shut…it’s the cutest thing ever) just in time for his 7-month birthday! His “milk milk milk milk” was clear as day and was accompanied by staring anxiously at me as Chris held [Read More…]

Making Peace with Distance

I’ve been far away for a long time. I used to think of Distance as being the space from here to home. But then “home” changed. It became separate places, so far from one another that my finite body could never be fully home. I was always absent from somewhere. Even when I was with [Read More…]

Attention and Awareness

“It is attention and awareness, in other words, that the Rule of Benedict brings to spirituality. Indeed, the very reason the rule of Benedict is not a rule in the strictest sense of the word is precisely because immersion in life is exactly the point of Benedictine monasticism. Benedictism is not a prescription frozen in [Read More…]


When Ryan followed the pastor to stand before the rows of white chairs, facing the friends who’d flown in from New York and Philadelphia and Baltimore, he caught some eyes and smiled. We smiled back. My husband and one of the bridesmaids were the first to walk down the aisle together. Chris took his place [Read More…]

Tired, but Thankful

How many women out there have a father who would fly to her town for four days just to babysit her little boy? I love that August and my dad got to have a grandson and grandpa weekend. There were lots of planes/rockets/parachutes flown in the yard, lots of dragon books read, and lots of [Read More…]

Awkwardness and Vulnerability

The great thing about being married to a reader is that if my husband cares, really cares, about what he’s reading, it is read out loud. Then we talk about it more in the car while the Cars 2 soundtrack is playing and the boys and I are dropping him off at work.  Then he [Read More…]