Missional Is Not a New Program

Alan Roxburgh, speaking at the Inhabit Conference in Seattle earlier this year:

Alan Roxburgh“Many of you have a deep intuitive understanding that this disruptive Spirit is up to something, and that something that the Spirit is up to — that resides in the mystery of God, that we cannot quantify, we can’t turn into a workbook, and we can’t define in six steps — is gestating in all kinds of local communities of people of God and in neighborhoods. … This is not a new program. It’s the working together and struggling together to discern and discover a way of life. …

“It seems to me that if the Spirit of God is doing anything — as the Spirit messes with all kinds of forms of church, as the Spirit basically enters into the way we form church in North America, and begins to disrupt it and break it apart — what the Spirit is doing is longing for us … to ask, ‘How do we re-enter the local and the ordinary and to re-build the fabric of social life in the name of Jesus Christ.’ That’s what parish is about.”

What do you think?