Scot McKnight on The Mission of God from John’s Gospel

Scot McKnightScot McKnight has posted the outline of his talk on God’s mission, delivered at SommerOase in Denmark:

  1. Mission Begins IN God. — “God has been eternally missional, is missional, and will be missional forever. (Eschatology is inherent.)”
  2. Mission Begins WITH God’s Sending. — “If you are one of Jesus’ followers you are missional.”
  3. The Missional Christian, who is a follower of Jesus, Stays WITHIN God’s Mission. — “Jesus provides the pattern for the Missional Christian: 1) Seeking God’s Approval; 2) Source is God’s Truth in Jesus; 3) Strengthened by God’s Presence; 4) Speaking God’s Words”
  4. The Missional Christian is INSIDE/IN Christ. — “Here is a 4-point sketch of how the Missional Christian is to see himself or herself: 1) as deriving your mission in God; 2) as extending God’s mission in Jesus to others; 3) as inhabiting God’s perichoresis; and 4) participating in God’s present anticipation of the kingdom of God — the future that God’s mission now leans into.”

There’s a lot more in Scot’s outline, especially under #3, so go read the whole thing.

What do you think of Scot’s picture of God’s mission, as drawn from The Gospel of John?