Bono on the Massive Shift That Is Challenging the Church

Bono is like the patron saint of progressive Christians. He spoke Monday at Georgetown University, and Sojourners’ Cathleen Falsani was there to report on the event.

In this short video excerpt, Bono does his best job of channeling Phyllis Tickle in talking about the massive shift that is happening right now:

“What I’m talking about is bigger than Egypt or any place else, it’s a massive shift. It’s one of those moments that in 100 years, historians, the real historians … will write about this phenomenon in the history books. … The institutions that have always governed our lives — church, state, mainstream media, music industry — are being bypassed and weakened and seriously tested. People are holding them to account, us to account, demanding that they be more open, more responsive, more effective — or else.”

Is Bono a prophet? What do you think of these comments? How should our faith communities respond?

  • Eric O

    When faith props the institution, the institution becomes a mechanism for keeping up appearances. People tend to wake up and realize in that state that neither they nor anyone else has faith any longer. People pity that last man holding the candy. This is what happened to the Soviet Union, and what is happening by attrition in China. When faith critiques the institution, that is where we can have a civil and just society. Then an opening exists where faith renews its institutions.

    • Steve Knight

      Great comment, Eric! Well said.

  • Katie

    I think most people are good at heart and will make good decisions when exposed to more situations, ideas, and possibilities. That’s why the Catholic Church has always evolved and will continue to evolve as people learn more. My hope and prayer is that is is able to reform and change from within and to keep all that is good and beautiful about it while leaving all that is archaic and is hurting the Church behind.

  • Mary

    I don’t think he is a prophet – he is just a man with common sense who uses his brains.
    It IS time to call out those who exert themselves in controlling the masses with fear, money, corruption, you name it, and no church – whatever type – is free of these vices.
    I think religious institutions – of all types and all faiths – need to do some serious self-assessment and self-cleaning, if they are to actually do what they are supposed to – bring people closer to the Divine, for the simple reason that it is the right thing to do, without a price tag or a brimstone threat attached.

  • midwestlady

    On the contrary, the Church needs to make known very, very deliberately what she is, and make it clear that if one is outside that definition, they really aren’t part of the Church. And then pass the ball to each individual person to decide who they are and where they stand.