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A Chicago chicken shop’s statement of faith

Businesses are culture-making enterprises, whether they or we like it or not. When we detest or disagree with particular cultural outputs of particular cultural enterprises, we should respond with healthy Christian output, not systemic strong-arming and stifling. [Read more…]

Faith and work churches: Some good examples

While the secular-sacred divide still haunts many, some churches are bridging the gap between Sunday worship and Monday faith. [Read more…]

Serving the least of these through our daily work

The scope and range of Christian service is deep and wide, and the least of these are probably closer than you think. [Read more…]

A great reversal of the church and the welfare state

β€œThe common good binds church and state together. What greater contribution, now, to the common good than setting the welfare system back on its feet? Try it, and see.” [Read more…]

Celebrating the work of mothers

In our celebration of work β€” the dignity it brings, the service it provides, the provision it leads to β€” how often do we neglect to remember that which is spent outside the confines of the office or the interwebs? [Read more…]

Poverty and the vocation of business

Is the vocation of business the main support of civil society’s institutions? [Read more…]