Five myths about the millennial worker

Gabrielle Jackson of the Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics has this to say about the workforce of the future:

Millennials are rising from their futons, emerging from their parents’ basements, and stepping out of their dorms into a brave new world of employment and one of the most challenging economies in modern history. As a new generation is now entering the workforce, how should Christian employers prepare to hire employees that look and act like their own kids?

Today’s workplace looks much different than the workplace of 15 years ago. With the average age of retirement at 67, people are working longer. Now we have three or more generations working together simultaneously – each with their own values, communication styles, and definitions of success.

As the second largest generation in history takes their place in the cubicle, there is a growing need to understand the way they operate in the workplace.

Are millennials entitled? Are they addicted to technology? Read more here.  Image: Erin Nekervis, Flickr.

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