Exciting news!

Our friends at Theology of Work Project have some pretty exciting news to announce today: they’ve just released an entire new commentary–online immediately and in print in October–dealing with the subject of work in the Bible.   It’s written by a top-notch group of scholars, pastors, executives, and workers, and tackles questions like these:

  • I’m not a minister. Does God care about my work? Does he call people to ordinary jobs?
  • My job is to promote my product. Is it OK to play up the strengths while downplaying the weaknesses?  Or does telling the truth mean I have to give a balanced view?
  • Jesus said to love our enemies.  If a competitor opens a business down the street, am I obligated to help her? If I’m up for a promotion, do I have to help the other candidates?

Hop on over to their blog for more information and the full press release. And tell your friends (and maybe your coworkers and your pastor!)

Image: TOW Project.

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About Theology of Work Project

The Theology of Work Project helps pastors, ministry leaders and Christians in the workplace explore what the Bible says about everyday work. The TOW Project recently completed a first-of-its-kind resource, the Theology of Work Bible Commentary. A team of 138 respected scholars, pastors and workplace Christians from 16 countries contributed to the commentary, which is available for free online at www.theologyofwork.org or in print at theologyofwork.christianbook.com.