Another new blog on the Patheos Faith and Work Channel!

We’re thrilled here at MISSION:WORK and across the Patheos Faith and Work Channel to welcome a new blog, Oikonomia: Resources on Faith, Work, and Economics from the Acton Institute.  The title comes from the Greek word for “economy”–which meant so much more than simply budgets and stocks in the ancient world; it was the word for how God ordered the universe, and how humans should order their lives in response.  The folks at Oikonomia say:

Oikonomia is a project of the Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty, to provide resources on faith, work, and economics for the empowerment of Christians in their respective vocations.

Leveraging content from across Acton resources, Oikonomia provides a centralized source of Acton content specific to the topic of Christian stewardship and whole-life discipleship.

We’re thrilled to have this new blog on board. A couple of great posts are up already–check them out! From time to time we’ll feature their stuff in this space, too.



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