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Exposing college students to vocation: a case study


By Elaine Bernius An exploration of God’s calling on everyone’s life was at the center of a bold new initiative at Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU) this academic year. In fall 2014, over 750 first-time undergraduates arrived on campus nine days before classes began, significantly extending the former three-day orientation. During that extra week, incoming freshmen [Read More...]

Your job is NOT a vocation


By Malcolm B. Yarnell III Today we use words like “calling” and “vocation” in association with jobs and tasks. However, these are external circumstances that the world can change or take away. Martin Luther’s experience can help us appreciate how our true vocation rests at a deeper level, one that can never be taken from [Read More...]

Why do the New Testament and the Old Testament treat wealth differently?


Keith Reeves Note: This article is the second of a three-part series on economic production and Jubilee in the Old and New Testaments. Read the first part here. Why does the New Testament seem so much more negative about wealth than the Old? As this series of articles turns from Jubilee in the Old Testament [Read More...]

The year of jubilee


By Keith Reeves Note: This article is the first of a three-part series on economic production and Jubilee in the Old and New Testaments. Stay tuned for the other two! Jubilee is often proclaimed as a time when debts are forgiven and land is redistributed so everyone can begin again with a fresh start. I [Read More...]

Getting past “order” vs. “sin”: How to reinvent management


By Randal Franz This article is adapted by the author from “An Exercise in Theological Imagination,” which appeared in the Journal of Biblical Integration in Business. Even before the recent Great Recession prompted many to rethink our current economic models, some leading management scholars and business titans were calling for the reinvention of management. I [Read More...]

Cleaning house

By Keith Reeves, professor of biblical studies, Azusa Pacific University The temple cleansing narrative, found in all four Gospels, is a fascinating story. And if popular appeals to the story are anything to go by, it appears to have contemporary relevance for the church. Given that a lot of Christians are talking about this passage [Read More...]