The blessings of business?

A month or so ago, I got an email from my doctoral advisor (who has some idea which way my life path has gone) saying that I ought to review a book called The Blessings of Business  by Darren Grem. In conjunction, he said, with Timothy Gloege’s  Guaranteed Pure, a scholarly history of Moody Bible [Read More…]

Fickle Fans and Public Opinion

By Mike Coyner I was home last Wednesday waiting for some repairmen to arrive at our house, so I watched some of the celebration in Cleveland. They deserved a time to celebrate after all of those years of frustration. Finally, their beloved NBA team, the Cavaliers, had won a world championship and ended their long [Read More…]

#Brexit and the day I turned into a classical liberal

I found out about #Brexit yesterday morning under less than ideal circumstances: my husband and I got up at 4:30 am to take our preschooler in for a tonsillectomy. While idly waiting around to get in the car, I checked Facebook. I had gone to bed the previous night instead of staying up for the [Read More…]

The good, the bad, and the Amway: a second post from #AU2016

I’ve now been through the opening banquet and one full day of Acton University, and I have thoughts. Boy, do I ever have thoughts. I’ll try to get some of them into this post. What I’ve done so far: Plenary, Magatte Wade: Wade, a Sufi Muslim and the founder of several businesses, made a passionate [Read More…]

“What if I told you the boundaries are wrong?” #AU2016

So, I’m here at Acton University in beautiful downtown Grand Rapids (I’m actually not kidding; the river is really pretty and I enjoyed walking along it last night) in a room full of several thousand traditional Catholics and evangelicals all concerned with economics and politics.  How exactly does a nice Episcopal priest and English major [Read More…]

Congratulations, Michael Coyner!

Bishop Michael Coyner of the Indiana Area of the United Methodist Church, whose reflections you have read many times in this space, is retiring from being an active bishop in August and had his retirement celebrated  here. In celebration I thought I’d point you back to all of his excellent columns that we’ve reprinted here. [Read More…]