Fickle Fans and Public Opinion

By Mike Coyner I was home last Wednesday waiting for some repairmen to arrive at our house, so I watched some of the celebration in Cleveland. They deserved a time to celebrate after all of those years of frustration. Finally, their beloved NBA team, the Cavaliers, had won a world championship and ended their long drought. Over those years many times they had been close with football, basement, and basketball – but now finally they had a chance to celebrate… Read more

#Brexit and the day I turned into a classical liberal

I found out about #Brexit yesterday morning under less than ideal circumstances: my husband and I got up at 4:30 am to take our preschooler in for a tonsillectomy. While idly waiting around to get in the car, I checked Facebook. I had gone to bed the previous night instead of staying up for the referendum returns because, darn it, I had to get up at 4:30 am. But, just as when you go to bed even though your favorite… Read more

The good, the bad, and the Amway: a second post from #AU2016

I’ve now been through the opening banquet and one full day of Acton University, and I have thoughts. Boy, do I ever have thoughts. I’ll try to get some of them into this post. What I’ve done so far: Plenary, Magatte Wade: Wade, a Sufi Muslim and the founder of several businesses, made a passionate plea for Westerners not taking colonial, paternalistic attitudes towards Africans and emphasized the values of entrepreneurship and hard work. “Christ and Culture Revisited,” Hunter Baker:… Read more

“What if I told you the boundaries are wrong?” #AU2016

So, I’m here at Acton University in beautiful downtown Grand Rapids (I’m actually not kidding; the river is really pretty and I enjoyed walking along it last night) in a room full of several thousand traditional Catholics and evangelicals all concerned with economics and politics.  How exactly does a nice Episcopal priest and English major end up in a place like this? Well, my husband Edwin came last year as a blogger (you can read his reflections about the experience… Read more

Congratulations, Michael Coyner!

Bishop Michael Coyner of the Indiana Area of the United Methodist Church, whose reflections you have read many times in this space, is retiring from being an active bishop in August and had his retirement celebrated  here. In celebration I thought I’d point you back to all of his excellent columns that we’ve reprinted here. You can read a lot more of them on the Indiana United Methodist website. Jesus Reads My Email Changing Pacers Coaches, Changing Pastors, Changing Presidents… Read more

The Blessed Virgin Mary, working mother?

When I wrote my blog post about working moms yesterday and went to the most-awesome Pixabay to find a stock photo of a working mom, one of the choices it gave me was the picture above. Draw your own conclusions. :-)   Read more

More on the ugly secret of working moms

An article on this just came out in The Week, capturing very clearly a lot of what I’ve felt for a while (and written about previously on this blog.) From the moment I became pregnant with my first child, who graduates high school this month, I’ve had the unshakable sensation that I’m faking big chunks of my life, playing the part of a competent and confident mother and professional — but in fact always shortchanging someone their due. Arriving late… Read more

Jesus Reads My Email

By Mike Coyner Recently I was involved in a conversation about how people use e-mail and other forms of social media in ways which are harmful and even hateful. I made the point that e-mail and media are “too easy” — so that perhaps people send or post things that they would never say if they had to speak face-to-face or even if they had to write a letter, sign it, and post it for mailing. There is just something… Read more

Means of Grace

You ask of us a patience and a care we fear to take, a trust beyond ourselves, a holiness that only you can give. Read more

The date that changed John Wesley, and a lot more people too: Happy #Aldersgate !

I felt I did trust in Christ, Christ alone, for salvation; and an assurance was given me that He had taken away my sins, even mine, and saved me from the law of sin and death Read more