At Faith and Work Summit 2014


Follow Twitter hashtag #FAWS14 for all the latest updates. Blog posts coming in this space soon!   [Read more...]

The Asbury Project, Day 2


The energy from Day 1 of The Asbury Project carried over to Day 2 as we crossed the street from Asbury Seminary to Asbury University.   The first event I got to attend was a panel featuring penetrating questions for Johnson Asare, Dr.  Tetsunao Yamamori of Food for the Hungry, and Pete Ochs of Capital [Read More...]

The Asbury Project, Day 1


Conferences of Christian entrepreneurs are full of energy.  That was the first thing I learned as I sat in a chapel full of flags, music, and eager seminary students as part of the  recent Asbury Project conference in Wilmore, KY.  The conference, a collaborative effort between Asbury Seminary and Asbury University to explore how social [Read More...]

From the archives: How to choose a career: Advice from a Puritan pastor

Just because there’s a market for a particular line of work doesn’t mean we should do it for a career. The question Baxter makes us ask is strange for modern ears: is this job honorable? [Read more...]

[VIDEO] How do we make culture without it making us?

A great talk on this was posted some time ago on the website of Dallas Theological Seminary, where Darrell Bock of DTS sat down to chat with Andy Crouch of Christianity Today to talk about what culture means. Can you ever leave culture behind? How can you transform it without letting it transform you? How can [Read More...]

From the archives: The female breadwinner

“Take, for example, the world of the Bible, wherein most husbands and wives co-labored to scrap together a subsistence living. We don’t see Boaz coming home from the fields, propping his feet on the coffee table and asking Ruth to fix him dinner and put the kiddies to bed. In fact, their romance begins in a field, where Ruth works hard gleaning behind harvesters to provide for herself and her mother-in-law.” [Read more...]