Friday Links | July 5, 2013

Iranian swimmer Elham Asghari swam 20 kilometres in open sea, which is a record breaking distance for Iranian women – but according to officials, her clothing was too revealing and they refused to register her record.

A top female police officer, Islam Bibi, has been killed in Afghanistan’s Helmand province by unknown attackers.

In Morocco, a man has been sentenced to two years in prison for sexually and physically abusing his wife, and even raping her in front of her children. This is the first judgment of this kind, and it offers a glimmer of hope for all those who are victims of marital rape and abuse.

Al Jazeera’s Witness features an item on the work of two Somali sisters Asha and Amina Hagi Elmi, who founded the NGO Saving Somali Women and Children.

An elderly woman sits in a temporary shelter in Aceh, Indonesia, following a powerful earthquake last Tuesday. Image by Binsar Bakkara/AP Photo.

The family of the two documentary makers Nadjoua and Linda Bansil have turned to viral videos to appeal for release of the two women by the Abu Sayyaf group on the Filipino island of Sulu.

Syrian rebels in Aleppo have banned women from wearing “provocative dress,” which has angered many locals, who claim the group is overstepping its power.

More and more female activists and politicians are being detained by the Sudanese authorities, as they are becoming more active and more vocal in recent years.

Sex crimes that happened during the Gaddafi regime and during the revolution are still a very difficult topic for the Libyan people, but a new draft law that promises to help the victims of sex crimes and rape might give the victims the safety they need to open up about what happened to them.

Many Tunisian women are concerned about their future, but some women are enjoying the larger freedom to practice their religion, and wear the headscarf, for example.

Conservative regulations imposed on the population of the Gaza Strip by Hamas make it difficult for teens, and girls in particular, to enjoy their teenage years.

The Catalan government is contemplating to ban “burqas” and other face covering attire in public spaces to ensure public safety.

Smartphones and the like are becoming an integral part of dating in the Arab Gulf region, but success stories are still few.

Three Pakistani women, a mother and two daughters, have been killed by a stepson, after he apparently saw a family video in which the women were seen laughing in front of their home.

At least 91 women were raped, according to activists, during the protests in Egypt last week. One woman gave birth on Tahrir square last Sunday and she names her daughter Tamarud, which means rebel.

An article on the BBC website suggests that the popular Turkish soap series have presented a new image of relations between man and woman.

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