Ramadan Blues and Mommy Guilt

This past May, I was blessed to give birth to a beautiful baby boy. It took a bit of adjusting, but as we already have two girls, I do view myself as a slightly experienced parent and as such, I was prepared. I knew what to expect, kind of. Compared to my previous experiences, this time has been a breeze, thank God. Baby eats well, my body has been healing well, and I have been able to sleep quite a bit. Not enough, but quite a bit. What I wasn’t prepared for, however, is the spiritual wasteland … [Read more...]

Friday Links | July 18, 2014

Iranian models

July 11 was World Population Day, and for this occasion IPS featured an article on early marriage and teen pregnancy in Pakistan. Meanwhile rights activists in Pakistan are fighting a losing battle to end child marriages, which affects both girls and boys.The BBC speaks to several female Kurdish fighters, who are taking on ISIS in Iraq.The ongoing conflicts in the Middle East are the cause of much suffering among women in the region.According to UNICEF, child marriages among Syrian … [Read more...]

Friday Links | July 11, 2014

A woman votes in Indonesia's presidential election on July 9. This election has been the tightest and most divisive presidential election since the fall of dictator Suharto. Image by Adek Berry/AFP/Getty Images

As Israel continues its offensive on Gaza, the death toll is rising fast; many of them are women and children.Nigeria's military has released the news that it has arrested several female Boko Haram recruiters. As well, about 60 women escaped their presumed Boko Haram captors earlier this week. The escaped women were captured mid-June of this year; the hundreds of girls captured in April remain missing.The UNHCR has published a report on Syria's refugee women titled Woman Alone: The Fight … [Read more...]

Friday Links | July 4, 2014

afghan madrasah

Human Rights Watch has issued a report on how the war in Syria has affected women.Several human rights organisations accuse Egypt of allowing (sexual) abuse and torture to be used against its female prisoners, despite the promise to fight sexual harassment. Recently, Egypt adopted a new law that makes sexual harassment punishable by law, but during the month of Ramadan it is somehow seen as offensive to address the issue of sexual harassment.More than half of the Islamophobic attacks in … [Read more...]

Friday Links | June 27, 2014

A Mauritanian woman shields her child from the wind. Mauritania had presidential elections on June 21st. Image by Joe Penney/Reuters

The crisis in Iraq continues and worsens; last week a female (Sunni) politician was killed while fighting ISIS. It has been reported that ISIS fighters meanwhile are looking for wives among the women that have stayed behind. A women's organization is trying to provide shelter to women who have been harmed and/or driven out of their homes.Last week a 20-year-old woman was gang-raped, killed and hanged from a tree in Pakistan's Punjab province.Since she is close to Boko Haram, lawyer Aisha … [Read more...]

Friday Links | June 20, 2014

Iraqi Shi'ite women show their support for the Iraqi army in Najaf. Image by Alaa Al-Marjani/Reuters

One Muslim women's group in India has drafted a set recommendations to codify Muslim Personal Laws, calling for the abolishment of oral divorce and polygamy.In a Senegalese fishing town, mothers and wives of illegal migrants who died on their way to Europe have started an association, which creates financial opportunities for these "sea widows" and speaks out against illegal migration.A young Afghan couple has been released from custody by the police; the couple was facing death threats … [Read more...]

Friday Links | June 13, 2014

An Afghan woman checks her phone after an election campaign in Kabul. Afghanistan's second round of the presidential election will take place on June 14. Image by Ahmad Masood/Reuters

An ongoing summit on ending sexual violence in conflict has resulted in a spike of articles about the topic. The Guardian features an article on a project that addresses sexism and sexual violence in Kosovo among young men. One young Bosnian woman shares her life story as a child, that was conceived during the war through rape. During the months of April and May 39 women and girls from Kalma camp in Southern Darfur were victims of rape. Most rapes occurred while the women and girls were c … [Read more...]