Friday Links | June 13, 2014

An Afghan woman checks her phone after an election campaign in Kabul. Afghanistan's second round of the presidential election will take place on June 14. Image by Ahmad Masood/Reuters

An ongoing summit on ending sexual violence in conflict has resulted in a spike of articles about the topic. The Guardian features an article on a project that addresses sexism and sexual violence in Kosovo among young men. One young Bosnian woman shares her life story as a child, that was conceived during the war through rape. During the months of April and May 39 women and girls from Kalma camp in Southern Darfur were victims of rape. Most rapes occurred while the women and girls were c … [Read more...]

Friday Links | June 6, 2014

Puel women in a village outside Bambari, Central African Republic. The Puel are predominantly Muslim and therefore are often attacked by Christian Anti-Balaka militia. Image by Goran Tomasevic/Reuters.

The sister of the pregnant Pakistani woman Farzana Parveen, who was beaten to death in broad daylight outside a court house last week, says that the husband of her sister is guilty of the murder. The initial story was that the father of the victim had killed her for not marrying a man of his choosing. Last Wednesday Farzana's husband and brother were arrested. On Thursday, Pakistani police issued a statement that Farzana Parveen wasn't pregnant when she was murdered. On Thursday, 18-year-old … [Read more...]

Friday Links | April 25, 2014

Another week, more elections. A Libyan woman holds up her ink-stained finger after voting in the municipal elections in the city of Benghazi. Image by Esam Omran Al-Fetori/Reuters

A new campaign aimed at discouraging young British Muslims to go to Syria to fight, is now asking Muslim women to play an active role in convincing their male family members to stay put. Mistrust of the police among Muslim women, however, makes that many women would be afraid to report their family members, one activist says.Unlike past elections, the number of female candidates for the upcoming Iraqi elections is actually quite promising and some are hopeful that this will actually mean … [Read more...]

Friday Links | April 18, 2014

An internally displaced Muslim woman in the Central African Republic lies in a house in the town of Boda, after she lost her six-day-old baby just a day previously. Image by Goran Tomasevic/Reuters

The predominantly Kurdish southeastern region of Turkey has the highest number of female mayors after the March 30 elections, partly because of a quota for women in the popular pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP). One of the new female mayors in this region is former child bride Berivan Kilic.The controversial draft law in Iraq that would allow 9-year-old Shi'ite girls to get married has stirred controversy all over the world, but according to experts it is unlikely that this bill … [Read more...]

Friday Links | April 11, 2014

Bosnian Mejra Dzogaz prays near the graves of her family members at the Memorial Centre in Potocari, Bosnia-Herzegovina, where over 6,000 victims of the Srebrenica massacre have been buried. Image by Dado Ruvic/Reuters

Indonesia had its elections last Wednesday. This time around, parties had to ensure that 30 percent of their candidates were female, but in a country notorious for its corruption, many of these female candidates come from political dynasties or are celebrities; it is even suggested that to become a female candidate not much more is required than to be gorgeous and have some claim to "fame." Still, women remain hopeful that something will change as a result of this election and the higher quota … [Read more...]

Friday Links | April 4, 2014

A displaced Rohingya woman sits outside in a temporary camp in Arakan state, Myanmar/Burma. The country started its first census in decades last week, but Rohingyas were excluded, which has many concerned about the future for the minority in the country. Image by The Irrawaddy

Elections in Afghanistan are scheduled for April 5. While many activists don't expect that the outcome will change much for the situation of women in country, millions of women throughout the country have registered themselves as voters. Jamila Karimi is a MP, known for staying far from corruption, who hopes to be re-elected in the conservative northern city of Kunduz. Three female candidates are running for the office of vice-president, which is a first for Afghanistan.Lebanon finally … [Read more...]

Friday Links | March 28, 2014

On Thursday the government of the Philippines and Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) signed a historic peace deal, ending decades of conflict. These women attended a rally on the island of Mindanao in support of this deal, faces painted with the MILF flag. Image by Ted Aljibe/AFP

The mayor of Indonesia's second-largest city Surabaya, Tri Rismaharini, has vowed to close down the city's largest brothel complex; other mayors have made similar promises, but this particular mayor is known for her can-do approach.Hundreds of Crimea Tatars, mainly women and children, are leaving Crimea for Ukraine, out of fear of how Russian rule will impact their lives and their community.One Pakistani lawmaker is battling to increase the punishment for child marriage; officially girls … [Read more...]