Dancing in Ramadan, Tapping into Prayer

My tap shoes.

"When you're in the moment, just dance. This isn't the time to think about the choreography or to worry about whether you're doing it right. You can think about those later. But when it's time to dance, forget everything else, and just do it. Ignore everything else, and just be in the moment." The teacher who had come from out of town to lead a few workshops several years ago was talking about tap dancing, but as she spoke, what I was hearing wasn't advice on how to dance.  What I heard was … [Read more...]

Ramadan Mubarak!

The ceiling of the Şakirin Mosque in Istanbul, the interior of which was designed by a woman.

All of us at MMW wish you our very best this Ramadan - whether it starts tonight or tomorrow night (or even if you don't actually celebrate it but are joining us for the ride!)As you may remember, last year we marked Ramadan by taking a break from our usual media analysis and instead offering up a series of more personal reflections and memories that Ramadan inspires; you can find all of those posts here.  We'll be doing the same thing this year, and I'm excited about all of the posts and … [Read more...]

Be Sexy – But Keep It Hidden


Like many people I know, I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook.  Although its usefulness for me still outweighs anything else, given the number of people I’m in touch with who live far away from me, I’m often creeped out by the weird stalking behaviours that it encourages, among other things.And then there’s the advertising that pops up.  Some of it is hilariously misdirected, like the wave of evangelical Christian ads I saw a few months ago. Much of it is just annoying – seriously, e … [Read more...]

Friday Links | June 21, 2013

Col. Latifa Nabizada, the first female pilot in Afghanistan's air force, was recently profiled by the BBC.  Her five-year-old daughter Malalai has grown up flying with her, and hopes to be a pilot too when she grows up.

Feminist activists in Tunisia are working to frame women's rights as "a social and political issue," and call on Femen protestors to leave them alone.Index on Censorship highlights the work of thee Muslim women artists: painter Saba Barnard, filmmaker and stage performance artist Sabina England, and playwright Mediah Ahmed.Women activists in Aceh, Indonesia say that the way that Sharia Law has been carried out in their province has victimised women; they call instead for an … [Read more...]

Friday Links | June 14, 2013

I apologise for a short list of links this week!  Please post anything I'm missing in the comments.Leading up to Iran's presidential elections, NPR interviews four different Iranian women about their perspectives.  In related news, Iranian women are said to be using the upcoming vote as a way to advocate for themselves, although the presidential candidates themselves have different opinions on how women's issues should be addressed.  And in other news, some Iranian women are taking an interes … [Read more...]

Friday Links: Crowdsourcing Edition!

Anneke is traveling this week and so am I, which means nobody was able to pull together the Friday Links for today.  But if any of you have come across some good (or horrible, or otherwise noteworthy) stories this week, please post them in the comments! … [Read more...]

Introducing MMW’s Newest Writers!

Hello and salaams MMW friends,The MMW team is excited to announce that we've recently welcomed six new writers on board!  We are very happy that the following women (listed along with their recent guest posts, so you can get a sense of their writing if you haven't already) have joined our team of regular writers:Shireen Ahmed ("Hijab in Sport and Unhelpful Media Biases" and "World Hijab Day: Everyone’s Favourite Dress-Up Day")Amina Jabbar ("The Subtleties of Being Caught in the Cr … [Read more...]