Happy New Year! + Taking a Break

Salaams and happy 2015, dear MMW readers!The MMW team will be taking a break for a couple months as we deal with other commitment in our lives and work outside of the blog.  We may have a few posts here and there over the next little while, and Eren will be sharing past posts through our Facebook and Twitter feeds, but otherwise things will be pretty quiet around here.  We wish you a great start to the new year, and hope to be posting regularly again by the beginning of March, inshallah. … [Read more...]

Friday Links | December 26, 2014

Women show their passports at the Egypt-Gaza border crossing at Rafah, which opened last Sunday for the first time in two months. Image by Ibraheem Abu Mustafa/Reuters

More Iraqi women, both from Sunni and Shi'ite communities, are donning a more conservative religious dress.Al Jazeera features a documentary on the rise of religious schools, or madrasas, for girls and women in Afghanistan.Human Rights Watch calls for the investigation of the death of Nilufar Rahimjonova, who died earlier this year in an Uzbek prison, where she was serving a 10 year sentence. She was said to be in good health.A reporter reunites with Marwadah Priyanka, a tsunami … [Read more...]

A Potential Burqa Ban at the Federal Level in Switzerland

The optimism in my last post, at least for Switzerland, has been tempered with news coming out of Switzerland last week.In Switzerland (where niqab is already banned in Ticino since 2013), the German-speaking newspaper SonntagsBlick recently cited a survey saying that 62% of the Swiss population would be in favor of a burqa ban.  Granted, the Tribune de Geneve mentioned that the methodology of the SonntagsBlick survery was not made clear. But as usual, Muslim women and their clothing are the … [Read more...]

Friday Links | December 19, 2014

Women mourn the death of 15-year-old Mohammed Ali Khan, one of the over 160 killed during a brutal attack on a school in Peshawar, Pakistan. Image by Zohra Bensemra/Reuters

In Iraq, ISIL is said to have killed over 150 women and girls for refusing to get married to ISIL fighters. Seven people have been arrested in Spain and Morocco in several raids targeting an alleged network recruiting women to join ISIL, including a woman from Chile. According to a UN expert one of the Austrian teenage girls who left to join ISIL has been killed and the other has disappeared. Last Wednesday, UK police stopped a plane on the runway to prevent a 15-year-old girl to leave the … [Read more...]

Erotica by Muslim Women for Muslim Women

The cover of Feauxzar's novel Between Sisters, SVP! [Source].

When I attempted entering “Islamic erotica” in a search engine, I was not sure what to expect. A few weeks before doing that, I had stumbled upon the genre while reading Afrocentric Muslimah's blog post on the need for Muslim women to embrace their sexuality. Curious to know more about Islamic erotica, I decided to search for more on the topic. I have since discovered that there are various works of art and/or books grouped under the Islamic (or Muslim) erotica tag. This range from the class … [Read more...]

Death, Grief and Womanhood


I must admit, I can’t wait until the year is over. I have had a difficult year first dealing with my partner’s passing, and then trying to figure out what follows the grieving process. Right after Saad’s passing, I found that my Muslim community had a rather complex and unexplored relationship with death. Many of my fellow Muslims did not only tell me that I should have gotten over Saad’s death after three days, as some traditions mandate; but some felt so uncomfortable having a young, “single” w … [Read more...]

Will Jordanian Hind Al Fayez Sit Down? A Look at the Trending Hashtag #Sit_Down_Hind

Hind Al Fayez. [Source].

Women's participation in the Jordanian political scene has always been a controversial one. Several women in Jordanian political history have made news because of their strong political opposition to their male counterparts' dominance. The most famous one was Toujan Al-Faisal, who was Jordan's first female member of parliament. In 2002, Al-Faisal made it to the news headlines after she published an open letter to King Abdullah II, accusing the government of corruption. She was arrested and … [Read more...]