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“This is no time for safety,” Lance Steele thought to himself as he raced in hot pursuit of the evildoer through the cold night along the narrow road winding through the desolate twisting pass, the smell of burnt rubber rising from the macadam and the occasional spark bursting from the gravel heaved against the titanium guard rail, and he wished that he had remembered to turn the oven off, and that he were not on foot and wearing his new… Read more

Dogen’s Eiheiji (part the second)

It was a treat to stumble upon what appears to be a Japanese news story on Eiheiji temple founded by Dogen Zenji, the signal thirteenth century Soto Zen master on YouTube. Not much of a story, as light a bit of fluff as you could expect from the land of cute. But some lovely images and a worthwhile three minutes. I think. Now I’ve figured out how to post YouTube clips to this blog, but not how to add in… Read more

Eiheiji Temple (part the first)

http://youtube.com/v/HDuePyaEBFc Read more

The Heart of the Great Ocean

THE HEART OF THE GREAT OCEANReflections on Spiritual CommunityA Homily byJames Ishmael Ford9 September 2007First Unitarian SocietyWest NewtonMassachusettsThe TextAh! what pleasant visions haunt me
 As I gaze upon the sea!
All the old romantic legends,
 All my dreams, come back to me. 

Sails of silk and ropes of sandal,
 Such as gleam in ancient lore;
And the singing of the sailors,
 And the answer from the shore! 

Most of all, the Spanish ballad
 Haunts me oft, and tarries long,
Of the noble Count… Read more

Henry David Thoreau

On this day in 1847, Henry David Thoreau concluded his sojourn at Walden pond. Seven years later he would publish his account and start a revolution in the spiritual thinking of America and, indeed, the world.** several people have asked how I know so much about various signal events in the history of Unitarianism, Universalism and Unitarian Universalism. Well, it’s simple. I steal it, mostly from Frank Schulman’s wonderful This Day in Unitarian Universalist History: A Treasury of Anniversaries and… Read more

Amazing Grace History/

http://youtube.com/v/DMF_24cQqT0 Read more

Fayen’s Two Monks Roll Up the Blinds

INTMATE, INTIMATEFayen’s Two Monks Roll Up the BlindsA Dharma TalkBy James Myoun Ford3 September 2007The Case: The great Fayen Wenyi took the high seat before the midday meal to preach to his assembly. Raising his hand he pointed to the bamboo blinds. Two monks went and rolled them up in the same manner. Fayen said, ‘One gains; one loses.’ Wumen’s Comment: Tell me, which one gained? Which one lost? If you have the single eye regarding this, you will see… Read more

UU Minister officiates at First Legal Same Sex Marriage in Iowa

The other day I noticed the headline of a legal Iowa same sex marriage conducted in a brief window of opportunity, but only caught the (of course) Unitarian Universalist connection when reading UU Shelby Meyerhoff’s blog, where she wrote the following:Sean Fritz and Tim McQuillan are the first gay couple legally married in Iowa, after a judge ruled on Thursday against the Iowa law banning gay marriage. The judge stayed his ruling on Friday, pending appeal. Fritz and McQuillan are… Read more

John Murray

“Go out into the highways and by-ways of America, your new country. Give the people, blanketed with a decaying and crumbling Calvinism, something of your new vision. You may possess only a small light but uncover it, let it shine, use it in order to bring more light and understanding to the hearts and minds of men and women. Give them, not Hell, but hope and courage. Do not push them deeper into their theological despair, but preach the kindness… Read more

Lisa Simpson becomes a Buddhist

http://youtube.com/v/xD6mawi8XPYFor more on the episode, “She of Little Faith.” Read more

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